Candidates Valeri Klimenco, Valeriu Munteanu, Vladimir Cebotari, Vitalie Marinuța, Andrei Năstase and Vladimir Țurcanu at IPN debates

A dedicated and professional person, ready to work for the Chisinau dwellers, should be elected as general mayor of Chisinau, says part of the current candidates for the mayor's seat. According to other candidates, the new mayor will not be able to radically change things for the better in Chisinau and implement major projects in the next four years, and this is largely due to the lack of financial sources. At the same time, the money can be attracted by connecting to the respective projects the external partners, including Romania. The statements have been made at the public debates "Only one from many: who and why?", organized by the IPN Press Agency.

Valeriy Klimenco, candidate of Sor Political Party, says he wants to make the city of Chisinau comfortable for its inhabitants, so as to repeat the experience of Orhei municipality. According to him, Orhei, until recently a provincial city, has become under the leadership of "Șor" Party the most comfortable city in the country. Valeri Klimenco declares that he is proposing Orhei as a model for other cities of Moldova, including Chisinau. "We tell people that, if they want to have such a model in the city, they will vote for “Sor” Party. The candidate considers that the projects that his counter-candidates propose for the capital, especially those of infrastructure, cannot be implemented in the next ten years, because in the last ten years the city has been encountering a budget deficit. Valeri Klimenco argues that the "Sor" Political Party wants, first and foremost, to double the city's budget without increasing taxes for citizens, which will allow the subsequent implementation of the projects. "Based on the increase in the budget, we will be able to move forward, otherwise these are just empty words," said the candidate.

Valeriu Munteanu, the candidate of the Political Party " Save Basarabia Union", "firmly" believes that during the last 28 years the Republic of Moldova is not going in any direction, and Chisinau either. In the neighbouring country, Romania, the situation is different as the country has solved its problems, while the Republic of Moldova, for lack of money, cannot accomplish this. According to Valeriu Munteanu, if in 1990 the budgets of the Romanian cities per capita were comparable to those of the Republic of Moldova, now they are 3-4 times larger: “An example in this regard is Iasi city, which is even smaller than Chisinau ". According to the candidate, Chisinau has the oldest infrastructure, damaged roads, run-down buildings and heating system. "Corruption is another problem, which also concerns the education and the state. The only thing the mayor and his team have to do is not to take bribes and create corruption.” According to Valeriu Munteanu, the city's problems cannot be solved with the money from the Republic of Moldova, regardless of who will be mayor of Chisinau, and the USB solution for all Romanians in Bessarabia is the reunification with Romania. The candidate states that he is the best candidate for the City Hall, because he has the necessary qualification, he has been mayor and is ready to serve Chisinau. In the elections he counts on all voters.

Vladimir Cebotari, the candidate of the Democratic Party of Moldova, says he has decided to run for mayor of Chisinau because he does not like the situation of Chisinau inhabitants and the fact that "we have a dirty city". "The city has an infrastructure below any level of criticism, I do not like the fetid smell and the poor management." According to him, nobody cares about education and health. There are no real feasible projects that will lead to economic growth, the suburbs are discriminated against. Vladimir Cebotari argues that unlike the majority of candidates who compete for the mayoral seat, he is the right person who can solve these problems, because he has real solutions and a team, which other contenders lack. He is also dedicated to work, and this dedication will be applied in the interest of the people. "The priority problems that seem impossible to deal with can and will be solved", believes the candidate. He appreciates the current election campaign as an "amorphous" one, not very interesting, when "those who claim to be the most important candidates ignore the electoral debates for fear that they will be shown their errors and blunders or "heroic deeds" that they have admitted in some institutions." Vladimir Cebotari mentions that he is counting on people who understand that Chisinau does not need politicians and political parties, but householders, people who know how to bring order, serve citizens and have demonstrated this through their work performance.

Vitalie Marinuța, candidate of the "Ecological Green Party " declares that he has entered this electoral race because he cares about the future of the city, the people of the city and the future of his children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren. According to him, the capital has many problems that need to be solved urgently. It concerns the disastrous state of the environment, including in terms of waste management, clearing of green spaces, air pollution. In this respect, he aims to build a new treatment plant, but also to clean all the aquatic basins. The incompetence of leaders, the condition of the roads and the stagnation of the economic development are other persistent problems of the city. According to Vitalie Marinuța, "magical" leaps will not be made in the next four years. The candidate says that in the next period through public-private partnerships he will build four car parking lots at the four entrances to Chisinau. "Unlike other candidates, I can and I have the necessary experience and none of the candidates has similar experience in managing extraordinary situations." Vitalie Marinuta counts on the people who care about themselves and the future generations. He says he wants to see after October 20 how free this election campaign will be. Now he notices that in defiance of common sense some candidates commit violations taking advantage of the fact that they are in power.

Vasile Grădinaru, the representative of Andrei Năstase, the candidate of the Electoral Bloc "ACUM DA Platform and PAS", says that Andrei Năstase and his team come with a new approach, with new projects and solutions to concrete problems: "We will deal with people's problems and not with politics”. According to Vasile Grădinaru, Andrei Năstase is the only credible candidate abroad who can raise funds to carry out concrete projects in the city. He says that one of the main objectives of the candidate he represents is the change of the quality of the Municipal Council of Chisinau and the City Hall, the registration of all the assets that are municipal property, the fight with the illegal constructions in the parks and other places. In addition to the fight against corruption, which is a priority, he will focus on street lighting, urban mobility, bunk parking spots, "the struggle with squalor through waste management". The candidate's representative urges those who are aware of the problems of Chisinau to vote for Andrei Năstase and ACUM Bloc.

Vladimir Țurcanu, the candidate of "Romanian Popular Party", believes that his permanent concern for the public domain and for society distinguishes him from other candidates for the position of mayor of Chișinău. In the next period, if he becomes mayor and his colleagues become councillors, he will completely change the way the City Hall works, "because it resembles a stagnant institution". Vladimir Turcanu says that the mayor who will be able to reconfigure the City Hall and put on the right track the municipal departments will be able to reconfigure Chisinau: "A person who would bring order as the City Hall leader is needed". Also, according to the candidate, the Municipal Council must cease to be a lobby structure. "It is inadmissible for one million inhabitants to have 51 people in the CMC who behave as if the CMC is their own yard," says Vladimir Turcan. The candidate stated that on the first day of accession to the City Hall he would resume discussions with international and Romanian partners. In the context, he says that Chisinau dwellers should know that over the last ten years, several financiers, some with grants, came to the city hall, but were ignored. "For all the problems that cities face, there are solutions that international companies can implement. Chisinau must be removed from isolation and we will also be able to see technologies in Chisinau”, says Vladimir Turcanu

The IPN news agency held a mini-cycle of electoral debates with the participation of the candidates for the position of mayor of Chisinau municipality. On October 14, the first round of debates took place, attended by Lilia Ranogaeț, the candidate of the National Liberal Party, Vitalie Voznoi, the candidate of "European Left" Political Party, Serghei Toma, the candidate of the Working People Political Party and Octavian Țîcu, candidate of "National Unity Party". The second round of debates on October 15 was attended by Ivan Diacov, the candidate of "Our Party", Dumitru Țîra, the candidate of "European People's Party of Moldova", Alexandru Fetescu, the candidate of the Liberal Democratic Party and Victor Chironda, the candidate of "New Force" Social-Political Movement.

The debates "Only one from many: who and why?", with the participation of the candidates for the position of general mayor of Chisinau municipality, third round, are the 120th edition of the cycle "Development of political culture in public debates", supported by the German Foundation Hanns Seidel.


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