Candidates for Causeni mayor offices: You must vote for those who work but not for those who make promises

On October 20, citizens will vote not for parties, but for people who have succeeded in doing something for our villages, cities and districts, says Ion Ciontoloi, candidate for mayor of Causeni. The candidate has called on voters not to elect those who make promises, but those who, through their work, have done something good for the settlement.

At an IPN press conference, attended by several candidates for the mayor seats in Causeni district, Ion Ciontoloi said that he was head of Causeni district on behalf of the Liberal Democratic Party of Moldova, but was dismissed by the former PDM governance. "I think that we, those who are here, can be less blamed for everything incriminated to the party than those who were parliamentarians, in the Government, and solved their personal problems because the PLDM was in power," said Ion Ciontoloi .

Mayor in three terms in the village of Salcuța, Ion Novac, mentioned that, being mayor on behalf of the PLDM, he felt support from the district leadership the chairman of which was Ion Ciontoloi, but, with the PDM coming to the government, the situation changed. "In the last period, we weren’t even summoned by the district leadership. No one even asked what problems we were facing, what problems needed to be solved”, said Ion Novac.

Lidia Jubea is running for mayor of Tănătari village. "I am part of the civil society and I say that the governments are leaving, but the people remain. During the period I was mayor in Tănătari, 2003-2007, through the investment fund there was implemented a project of an aqueduct construction in the village. The local contribution was of 300,000 lei, out of which 80,000 lei were collected from the village community. We have been supported by international organizations, by the diaspora in Italy,” said Lidia Jubea.

Anatol Doibani is running for a new term as mayor of Baimaclia commune. He said that, until the PDM came to governance, he carried out good projects for the community he was leading. "We were asked to join the PDM and, if we refused, we were directly told that we would not have any funding. And, indeed, for three years Baimaclia commune did not receive money neither from the Government, nor from the District Council,” said Anatol Doibani.

Dumitru Pogorea is running for mayor of Taraclia village. "I live in Russia, but I have been here for more than five years, and I have encountered all kinds of obstacles. We are the Moldovan people’s ambassadors abroad,” said Dumitru Pogorea. He has specified that the state needs to come up with tax cuts for Moldovans from the diaspora who want to return home and invest the money earned abroad. The candidate has also mentioned that it is necessary to create jobs in the Moldovan villages in order to stop the migration.


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