Call to parents of children who attend “Secret Garden” kindergarten

Representatives of the companies “Memphis-Construct” and “Global Construcții” said that even if they made public comprehensive information about their real estate project – the building that is being erected at 13/7 Andrei Doga St – they continue to face pressure and even intimidation. Doina Calaraș, who spoke in the name of the two companies, said the administration of the private kindergarten situated nearby engages parents of the children who attend this institution in the dispute, urging them to mount protests and to sign petitions so as to hamper the construction works.

“Mister Valeriu Guzun and Missis Efrosinia Guzun, who are the owners of the kindergarten “Secret Garden” that is situated next to our building site, continue to conduct a manipulation and misinformation campaign. They even attempt to use the children and their parents so as to achieve personal goals,” Doina Calaraș stated in a news conference at IPN.

According to her, this is an unprecedented case in which businesspeople use children to protect their own interests. “We call on the parents who take their children to this private kindergarten not to become involved and not to allow to be manipulated, intimidated and involved in this conflict. We regret that the given owners exert pressure on you, dear parents. We ask you not to get involved in the blocking of our construction - a real estate project that is implemented in accordance with the construction authorization, the urbanism certificate, the Zonal Urbanistic Plan and the Detail Urbanistic Plan,” noted Doina Calaraș.

The representative of the two companies said it is normal for the city to develop and new buildings to be erected, even near education institutions. She assured that all the works as part of their real estate project are and will be executed in accordance with the safety norms. “Moreover, we are ready to discuss any cooperation formula so as not to bother the children. We are ready to agree the concrete working hours for performing particular works so as not to affect the children. We are not indifferent to the fate of the children and want these to continue attending the kindergarten to which they got used,” stated Doina Calaraș.

She also said that both of the companies are ready to present any document to the parents so as to show to them that the construction works take place according to the legal norms, urging them again not to allow to be misled. “If the dirty manipulation campaign by involving children and their parents in the games of the aforementioned businesspeople continues, we reserve the right to notify the responsible state institutions and to ask them to intervene and stop those evident abuses,” concluded Doina Calaraș.

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