Brothers Vladimir and Oleg Nemțanu deny statements made by lawyers for Glorinal

Brothers Vladimir and Oleg Nemțanu deny the statements made by the lawyers for the administration of the building company Glorinal that were made in a news conference on September 15. They said the company didn’t fulfill its commitments to them as investors in homebuilding and, as a result, they sued it.

In a news conference at IPN, Oleg Nemțanu related that in 2007 his brother decided to buy an apartment from Glorinal, located on Valea Trandafirilor St in Chisinau. He met with the sales manager and they agreed the transaction. In a number of years, the same manager, with whom they became friends meanwhile, offered them to buy other apartments. The brothers bought and then sold some of these apartments, while other apartments remained registered in their names.

In 2010, the man bought a commercial area under construction situated on Calea Orheiului St. It turned out to be a problematic construction as the building company didn’t meet the deadline for putting the building into commission. The faced difficulties made the brothers ask the invested money back from Glorinal.

The men deny the accusations of raider attack on the company. They said the director of Glorinal Vasile Chirică made promises to them, but didn’t deliver these.

Denis Buța, the lawyer for Oleg and Vladimir Nemțanu, said that his clients paid 90% of the cost of apartments. The purchased apartments were pledged with a bank without their consent. In 2017, the brothers filed a complaint to court, asking to terminate the investment contracts. Later they requested that Glorinal should declare insolvency and should pay them their money back. The request was rejected as the company proved that it has assets and can finish the construction of the building. Later, they made one more insolvency request. The company’s managers were removed and the insolvency manager took this over. Glorinal became unable to pay and agreed to declare insolvency.

Denis Buța noted that lawyers’ assertions that Nemțanu brothers illegally came into possession of three hectares of land in in Trușeni, causing damage to the ecological fund, are false. The land was bought legally and there is a sale and purchase agreement in this regard. The brothers asked for larger damages in the case of the apartment purchased from Glorinal because they invested in the repair of these.

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