Briefness first and foremost – September 21, 2018 IPN digest

The re-positioning of the Democratic Party remains in the focus. According to participants in the talk show “Politics of Natalia Morari” on TV8 channel, the PDM changed its view and positioned itself as a pro-Moldova party because it suffered a defeat on the European dimension. Furthermore, this change took place because the citizens lost confidence in the pro-European view.

Socialist MP Adrian Lebedinski said: “The Democrats took our message because they try to denigrate us and to destroy the idea of integrating Moldova, as they did in the case of the European integration idea.” Vice president of the Party “Action and Solidarity” Mihai Popșoi noted pro-Moldova is neither a strategy, nor a tactic, but is a banal slogan both in the case of the PSRM and in the case of the PDM.

As President Igor Dodon rejected the PDM’s candidates for minister of health and minister of agriculture, a group of MPs of the Democratic Party on September 21 submitted an application to the Constitutional Court by which they demand to ascertain the circumstances that justify the suspension of the President the Republic of Moldova from office so that an acting President could perform the constitutional duties and named the ministers proposed by the Prime Minister given that President Dodon refused to appoint these.

Will another decision than the previous one be taken now by the Court? At the same time, political analyst Anatol Țăranu said the suspension creates a bad image to the Republic of Moldova. The given procedure says the legality is not respected, the laws are not perfect and are not written so as not to leave any possibility for the officials to bypass the legal norms. Political commentator Roman Mihăeș said the procedure for temporarily suspending the President generates suspicions about the presidential institution’s capacity to be in harmony with the whole state apparatus, while jurist Pavel Midrigan said the Constitutional Court of the Republic of Moldova assumed too many responsibilities. “We are a parliamentary republic and it is the Parliament that decides. We delegated the power to the Parliament, not to the Constitutional Court,” he stated.

What other secrets and intrigues are there in Moldovan politics? For example, expert Ion Tăbârță anticipates that former acting mayor of Chisinau and current candidate for minister of health, labor and social protection Silvia Radu could be examined as a compromise Premier after the next elections. If a Pro-Moldova coalition is formed, a neutral candidate could be needed and the ruling party would try to present this candidate as a neutral one. However, it is too early to speak about particular post-electoral coalitions.

Mihai Popșoi, vice president of the Party “Action and Solidarity”, said there are big chances for Silvia Radu to run in a single-member constituency, probably in Chisinau, under a minimum program. Under a maximum program, Silvia Radu could be named Prime Minister after an eventual coalition between the PDM and PSRM.

In a common meeting of the Cabinet and representatives of the local public administration of Căușeni district, it was underlined the importance of establishing direct contacts with representatives of the local public authorities so as to swiftly solve the problems in localities. Prime Minister Pavel Filip said a national plan for solving the water supply problem will be worked out by this yearend. The storage of waste and the sale of agricultural products are among other problems experienced in districts.

The IPN Experts note Moldova’s oscillation between the East and the West is expected to be overcome. At least this can be deduced from the pre-electoral benchmarks of the most influential political parties of the country – the Democratic Party of Moldova (PDM), which controls the Government, and the Party of Socialists of the Republic of Moldova (PSRM), which controls the Presidential Office. The PDM’s re-positioning as pro-Moldova is convergent with the pro-Moldova’s positioning of the PSRM. That’s why it is highly probable that the two parties will have a common pro-Moldova project.

Surely, it is highly probably that the that the stopping of the geopolitical pendulum in the pro-Moldova position will actually mean getting stuck in this project, which is in the Gray Area where things are indefinite and uncertain.

Finally, congratulations to Anastasia Nikita who for the first time became world wrestling champion among juniors. Trained by Tudor Cîrlan, Anastasia won five victories at the World Junior Wrestling Championships in Slovakia.

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