Briefness first and foremost – March 15, 2019 IPN digest

The U.S. Department of State considers corruption remained one of the country’s most serious problems. While the law provides criminal penalties for official corruption, the government failed to implement the law effectively, and officials frequently engaged in corrupt practices with impunity. There was widespread corruption within the judiciary and other state structures. The government made some progress in investigating corruption cases involving public officials and the judiciary, but these actions were mostly perceived as selective justice.

The report says in July Orhei mayor Ilan Shor posted a video on Facebook verbally attacking journalists from Radio Orhei. On August 5, he prevented the journalists from covering an opposition protest in Orhei. The UN Office in the country condemned Shor’s attack as hate speech and incitement to violence against journalists and political opponents and called for an investigation.

The electoral bloc ACUM wants to force the Democratic Party to form an alliance with the Party of Socialists in the hope that the voters will penalized these two parties and it will obtain a better score in the next parliamentary elections, stated journalist Constantin Olteanu. He noted ACUM promised that if the elections are rigged, they will take to the streets, but didn’t do it. “I wonder why they didn’t mount protests if they classed the elections as unfair? Because they want to be MPs and hold the won seats,” he said.

The bloc ACUM proposed a program that it expects the people of good faith will vote in the future Parliament. The program includes a political statement acknowledging the state institutions are captured, the bloc’s co-president Andrei Năstase stated in the program “Politics of Natalia Morari” on TV8 channel. According to him, the parties that entered Parliament definitely include people of good faith.

Referring to the Democratic Party’s second invitation to discussions on the formation of a parliamentary majority, Andrei Năstase said ACUM does not intend to play this game staged by the Democrats. “We said that we are ready to discuss with all the members of Moldova’s Parliament, but not at cafes and at afternoon tea drinking ceremonies, not by letters and notes, but based on a very transparent parliamentary platform, with the presence of the press so that the people know what it is discussed,” he stated.

The OSCE requests the authorities of the Republic of Moldova to facilitate travel of foreign journalists. According to the portal anticorupț, the journalists said during the passport check at the Airport, they were asked about the goal of the visit to the Republic of Moldova. They answered they came on business. “We were told we do not have permission to enter the Republic of Moldova and we need accreditation to perform journalistic activities. We were then invited to an office where we were held for 30-40 minutes,” the journalists stated for the quoted source. The two were set free following the involvement of the Ambassador of Greece to Moldova with residence in Kiev.

The consumers in Moldova file an increasing number of complaints to the Agency for Consumer Protection and Market Surveillance when their rights are violated. The complaints are now more intelligent and justified. “The lower or higher price of the product does not really matter. The consumers just want justice,” the Agency’s director Iurie Eremia stated for IPN. World Consumer Rights Day is annually celebrated on March 15.

Companies will be obliged to ensure silence between  10pm and 7am, not between 11pm and 7am as until now, IPN reports, quoting amendments made to the sanitary regulations on noise and vibration emitting norms when performing internal trade activities.

The scholarships and other forms of social assistance intended for students of universities and technical professional education intuitions and for persons in post-university education will be by 4.9% higher. The Cabinet approved relevant changes to a number of regulations,. A sum of 12.5 million lei was earmarked in the 2019 state budget for these rises.

The National Agency for Energy Regulation said there are no reasons for raising the natural gas tariffs for end users given that the operator SA Moldovagaz made no such requests. The comment was made after the press reported that Gazprom increased the price of natural gas supplied to Moldova.

The minibuses running on route No.103 in Chisinau will travel on Ștefan cel Mare și Sfânt Blvd until the end of March owing to the pipe laying works performed on a number of sections of 31 August 1989 St. The sections of 31 august 1989 St between the streets Mitropolit Bănulescu-Bodoni and Alexandr Pushkin, Ismail and Lev Tolstoi and Ion Vasilenco and Ciuflea were closed to traffic on March 5. The works are to be completed by the end of this month.

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