Briefness first and foremost – March 1, 2019 IPN digest

Only two-three scenarios as to the possible parliamentary majority remained after the bloc ACUM DA PAS recently declared it would not cooperate with the Democratic Party (PDM) and the Party of Socialists (PSRM) - PDM+ PSRM or the formation of a minority government. “There is one more scenario: if the Democratic Party manages to constitute a bigger group than it is anticipated at present,” journalist Valeriu Reniță stated in the talk show “Moldova live” on the public TV channel Moldova 1.

Ion Tăbârță said the political players who entered Parliament cannot be sure they would achieve a better result in snap elections and would thus opt for scenarios that envision the formation of a Government. Regardless of the Government’s composition, the Cabinet will be led by representatives of the PDM. There are two formulas for forming the Government – a large alliance consisting of the PDM and PSRM, without the Shor Party, which would be a condition of the Socialists, and the PDM + the Shor Party + independent candidates + a group of MPs separated from the Socialists.

Democratic MP Sergiu Sîrbu’s request to the Constitutional Court to interpret a number of Constitution articles and pronounce on the risk of a power vacuum should be analyzed more from political than legal viewpoint. This could be an instrument for pressing the parties that entered Parliament into forming a government coalition. Political pundit Corneliu Ciurea said that by its request to the Constitutional Court, the PDM puts the Socialists and the others who think about snap elections in check. “I don’t know to what extent this brings the denouement and the formation of an alliance closer as the political factor for me means a lot because, if Vladimir Putin tells Igor Dodon to stay firm on the barricades, it will be hard to form an alliance,” he noted.

The head of the PDM’s staff Vladimir Cebotari, the party’s vice president, said the eventual coalition in the future legislature should be broad so that it represents more voters. “The ideal variant is probably a coalition between the PDM, ACUM and PSRM. Why not? We will then cover a wide range of voters,” he stated, noting snap elections are also possible.

Historian Octavian Țîcu, who ran in constituency No. 16 Ungheni on behalf of the bloc ACUM DA PAS, said the PDM can have 40 seats together with the Shor Party and the three independents and will try to obtain more seats from the PSRM and to shake this party’s group in Parliament. “It won’t be a proper coalition between the PDM and PSRM as this would kill the voters of the two parties. The members of the PDM who still believe in the pro-European value and the European values will join ACUM and the voters of the PSRM will also support the bloc, as the supporters of the Socialists voted for me in a larger number in Ungheni than for their party,” he said, noting the Democrats could also try to shake the group of ACUM.

The Democratic Party has written separately to the DA and PAS, inviting them to negotiate a potential coalition. “We want people to have clarity, as soon as possible, about the future of the good things started by the Democratic Party. We have made the first moves. On the very day of elections, the Democrats have called everybody to the negotiating table. We have stated that we will leave any grudge aside. We have written separately to DA and PAS inviting them to the negotiating table and today we reiterate our invitation, so that we can get an early start in thinking about a future political partnership and proceed promptly when election results are eventually validated,” stated Democratic vice president Vlad Cebotari.

The Party “Action and Solidarity” (PAS) will not accept the Democrats’ invitation to talks. “Plahotniuc and the PDM robbed, misled, filled the country with the own dirt and now want negotiations? What for? To be able to steal further? We have too much respect for the people to make bargains with bandits. We recommend them not to waste time on letters ,” PAS spokeswoman Cristina Bujor stated for IPN.

The Party of Socialists (PSRM) said it will make its subsequent actions public only after all the legal procedures are over and the Constructional Court passes a final judgement on the validation of the election outcome. “Any statement and any type of letters from so-called pro-European political parties are premature at this stage. We, the Socialists, challenged the results of the elections in a number of constituencies. Currently, we perform a parallel vote count whose results will provide a picture of the whole electoral process,” it is said in a press release of the party.

The Russian Federation will keep constructive relations with Moldova after the February 24 parliamentary elections as well, spokeswoman for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russia Maria Zakharova stated in a news conference. “I think it is mutually advantageous,” she said, being quoted by TASS News Agency.

Under the agreement on social security between the Republic of Moldova and the Federal Republic of Germany that took effect on March 1, the citizens of the Republic of Moldova, who worked legally and paid social insurance contributions in Germany, when reaching the retirement age stipulated by the legislation of this state, will be provided pension that will be transferred to the bank account opened in the Republic of Moldova. Similar social security measures apply to Moldovans who settled in Germany on a permanent basis and who have an insurance period in Moldova as well.

As many as 100 libraries in Moldova will be supplemented with books with Romania’s support, Minister for Romanians Abroad Natalia-Elena Intotero stated in a meeting with Prime Minister Pavel Filip. It was underlined the opportunity of developing a transfrontier project to build European gauge railroad on the Chisinau-Iasi route and of launching a Chisinau-Bucharest high-speed train route.

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