Briefness first and foremost – June 28, 2019 IPN digest

The period during which fathers of newborns can file applications to get a paternity allowance will be extended to 12 months of the child’s date of birth as of July 1, 2019. To get such an allowance, the father must confirm the total insurance period of at least three years or at least nine months during the 24 months prior to the child’s date of birth. This should also prove that he had an insured income during the three months prior to the child’s date of birth and was given, at request, paternity leave in all the units where this works during the first 56 days of the child’s birth date.

Also from July 1, mothers or fathers returning to work, either full-time or part-time, after maternity or paternity leave will still be able to collect monthly child care benefits under an amendment to the Law on Social Insurance Benefits. Under the same amendment, the formula of calculating the lump-sum maternity leave benefit and the monthly child care benefit has been simplified.

The former leader of the Democratic Party Vladimir Plahotniuc will never return to Moldovan politics as this is impossible. “I do not see how. Who will allow him to return?” wondered political commentator Anatol Țăranu. He stated the administration program of the Sandu Government does not include issues related to national defense and security. ”What does including the security sphere in the government program mean? The first thing that should be done in this regard is to indicate the risks and dangers threatening the Republic of Moldova. 10,000 armed people on the left side of the Nistru who do not obey the international law – this is the military danger. How can this be written in the program when the government partner is the Party of Socialists that by definition should promote the Russian Federation?” asked Anatol Țăranu.

The Ministry of Justice issued a press release to express its concern over the rising number of people in preventive detention and how this might run counter to European practice and law. According to the MoJ, the holding of people in preventive detention should be justified and based on precise and concrete elements and any justification based on general or stereotyped motives is inadmissible. Consequently, any reason invoked for justifying the arrest should be based on evidence.

Minister of Economy and Infrastructure Vadim Brînzan said he is against instituting a moratorium in the building sector. According to him, the building activity had a significant impact on the GDP growth during the first four months of this year. The minister noted he is for punishing those who flout the law and commit irregularities in the sector. However, the program “Good Roads” was suspended because 2 billion lei was earmarked for this program, but the state budget now includes only 950 million lei available for the purpose.

As of July 1, the basic premium for internal compulsory motor third-party liability insurance will be equal to 704 lei, up 8%. The premium when signing the insurance contract will be set according to the category of the vehicle, driving experience and other factors, without the bonus-malus system that will be applied automatically depending on the damage history for each insured person apart. The new rules launch the process of transition to the liberalized regime of tariffs for compulsory motor third-party liability insurance, in accordance with the EU practices in the insurance sector.

. “If the current government does not impose particular criteria related to exams and tests, the real professionals could ultimately avoid the contests ,” stated constitutional expert Teodor Cîrnaț. He noted that the future makeup of the Constitutional Court will have an almost impossible mission – to restore confidence in the discredited CC now that the people will question any judgement of this Court. Political commentator Corneliu Ciurea said the High Court discredited itself by the pronounced judgements and it can no longer pass irrevocable decisions. “If this Court takes decisions that will not coincide with the will of the political majority, how will society react? Won’t it be tempted to drive away these judges? Therefore, I believe the situation is very serious and I don’t think the modification of the method of appointing judges will save the CC,” noted the commentator.

The Government of the Russian Federation decided to extend the preferential export regime for five categories of Moldovan goods that has been applied since January 1 until July 1, 2019. The goods that could be further exported duty-free include the fresh vegetables, apples, plums and quinces, apricots, cherries and sour cherries and also cans and wines.

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