Both PSRM and ACUM bloc have been wrong in this current crisis, opinion

Both parties of the coalition PSRM and ACUM bloc have failed, pushing the Sandu Government to the brink of colapse. This is the opinion of former MP, Stela Juantan. According to her, the two political groups had to act from the start based on the captured state declaration, which they adopted in the first days when the ruling coalition was formed, IPN reports, referring to the statements made on Jurnal TV.

Also, Stela Jantuan believes that the ruling coalition has not yet served the purpose intended when the parliamentary majority was formed. “There are still oligarchic interests and the same captured state. State institutions are still not functioning properly, therefore the coalition did not properly undertake their functions,” stated the former MP. Stela Jantuan believes that in the current situation neither PSRM nor ACUM bloc are in win-win solutions.

Socialist deputy Grigore Novac says that normally the draft law is sent to the Venice Commission for evaluation and not the law itself which entered into force. According to him, the laws are to be already adopted taking into account the recommendations of the Commission. That is how he commented the solution for emerging from the crisis given yesterday by Prime Minister Maia Sandu, according to which PSRM is about to withdraw its motion of no confidence, and Maia Sandu is publicly obliged to send the amended Law on Prosecutor Service to the Venice Commission. In addition, the Socialist says that when the ruling coalition committed to reform the judiciary, PSRM suggested that all parliamentary and extra-parliamentary parties should be involved in this process, but ACUM bloc has dismissed the suggestion.

Former MP Victor Stepaniuc argues that if it is a law, as in the case of the Prime Minister's initiative, the Venice Commission does not receive it for expert evaluation. More, the Constitution makes no provisions for the pre-selection committee of candidates for the position of prosecutor, nor their appointment by the prime minister and if these things are not stipulated in the Supreme Law, then they are unconstitutional.

The deputy of PAS group, ACUM bloc, Oazu Nantoi, argues that Moldova is still in an extraordinary situation and the declaration regarding the captive character of the state has not been canceled. Oazu Nantoi believes that the priority is not keeping the government, but getting the state on right constitutional track: “We need a functional Prosecutor's Office and a prosecutor acting according to the law, in order to to have an independent and uncorrupted judicial system. In the current situation, the Government of Maia Sandu has begun to be systematically and unfounded attacked by the Presidency,” said the parliamentarian. Oazu Nantoi considers that Igor Dodon is afraid of the Government strengthening its positions.

Today the Parliament will examine the motion of no confidence filed by PSRM against the Government led by Maia Sandu, who has assumed responsibility for amending the Law on Prosecutor's Office, according to which the Prime Minister obtains the right to select several candidates for the position of Prosecutor General, which she puts forward to the Superior Council of Prosecutor's Office for examination. The initiative came after the failed pre-selection attempt organized by a special committee under the auspices of the Ministry of Justice.

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