Boris Volosatyi runs for a seat on Romania’s Parliament on behalf of AUR

The candidate of the Alliance for the Unity of Romanians (AUR) for a seat on the Chamber of Deputies of Romania’s Parliament Boris Volosatyi called on the Moldovans with Romanian nationality to vote for him in the December 5 and 6 elections, No. 7 on the ballot. In a news conference at IPN, Boris Volosatyi said that if he is elected, he will contribute to reunifying the country, to restoring Romanian dignity at the level of the requirements of the time.

Boris Volosatyi also said that two years ago he ran in the parliamentary elections of the Republic of Moldova with a broad program and presented his platform for the reunification of the two Romanian states. A year ago, when the AUR emerged, he realized that the program of this party fully coincides with his views and the values he has promoted.

He noted that AUR comes with a new view on politics. “We want to promote a different type of politics, not of those who enrich themselves on our account, who stole, betrayed and sold the country, but of those many who need to roam the world and to beg in the own country. The AUR comes with four basic values that it places at the forefront: family, nation, faith and freedom,” he stated, noting that his country project is based on the appropriate supply with water, energy and food.

Boris Volosatyi also said that he will work on a fraternity treaty between Moldova and Romania. A Romania-Moldova TV channel is needed to cover the whole territory of Bessarabia. An institute should be created to examine the feasibility of the reunification of the country at the Romanian Academy. Also, a common platform of all the nongovernmental organizations should be set up to debate the problems on the reunification of the Romanian states Moldova and Romania raised by the Romanian Academy. Political will is needed for the purposes.

Teacher Valentina Meșina said she supports her mate. She described Boris Volosatui as a man with dignity, a patriot who during many years educated generations of patriots, of people with dignity. “He deserves to be supported as we deserve - those who have been near him and were always inspired by people of culture and valuable people, by our teachers who guided us on the path to become who we are now. We deserve to be represented in Romania’s Parliament,” she said, calling on the Romanians from the Republic of Moldova to vote and choose Boris Volosatyi on December 5-6.

Civic activist Vlad Biletski said the pillars of Boris Volosatyi and the party he represents are the family, nation, faith and freedom. According to him, the Romanian political class and the election campaign degenerated so much that we witness pictures of children, all kinds of pictures with image transfer. But Romania can do more and should only demonstrate responsibility in this regard and the people should go and vote on December 5 and 6.

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