Boris Marcoci and Arina Spătaru apply to be registered as competitors in Bălți

The Party of Action and Solitary’s candidate for mayor of Bălți municipality, MP Boris Marcoci, submitted the documents for being registered as a contender. “I run for the post of mayor of the municipality where we all want to have a clean and European city with repaired roads, with homes connected to the water supply and sewerage system, with a waste recycling plant,” Boris Marcoci stated when filing the documents, IPN reports.

Also today, ex-MP of the Party “Dignity and Truth Platform” Arina Spătaru said that she intends to run as an independent. “The residents of Bălți deserve what’s best. They deserve good roads, clean and arranged streets, modern waste storage platforms, medical services of a high quality at family doctors’ centers, public transport for students, municipal institutions’ openness and prompt reaction to their needs,” she said, noting that only a politically unaffiliated candidate can ensure the mayor’s office works for all the residents of Bălți.

Only these two candidates have announced their participation in the Bălți mayoral elections so far. Recently, the Central Election Commission registered the Electoral Bloc of Communists and Socialists for running in the new local elections of November 21, 2021, but this hasn’t yet fielded a candidate. Earlier, the leader of the Party of Socialists Igor Dodon said that the local organization of PSRM in Bălți proposed Alexandru Nesterovski, but a final decision hasn’t been yet taken.

The electoral period for the new local elections of Bălți started on September 21. Under the Electoral Code, the parties and other sociopolitical organizations and electoral blocs can propose by one candidate for mayor in each electoral constituency. The candidate supported by a political party does not need to collect signatures for being registered. The independent candidates must be supported by at least 5% of the voters in a constituency, but by not more than 10,000 persons. According to the latest data, the municipality of Bălți has over 127,000 inhabitants.

The Bălți Municipal Electoral Council registers candidates or rejects their registration within seven days of the receipt of documents. The candidates must be citizens of the Republic of Moldova with the right to vote who turned 25, including on election day. The soldiers who do their military service and the voters who do not have the domicile in the given territorial-administrative unit do not take part in elections.

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