Boris Bechet: We have to take care of our house named Moldova

On the 29th anniversary of the Independence of the Republic of Moldova, IPN collects the thoughts of those who have something significant to say about these years, about the country, about society. Here are thoughts of actor Boris Bechet at 29 years of Independence:

“This house, which is named Moldova, must be cleaned up, must be refreshed – we have to whitewash, to sweep in the yard, to take care of children, to take care of the elderly, of the most powerless, so that we may enjoy to live here”, says the actor. Boris Bechet states that the country is each of us and, as we will behave, so will the country be.

Boris Bechet recalls that after living in that Soviet empire, like many other people, he had many expectations. So, while he's not adept at going back to that period, he says there were good things about predictability, for example in terms of home insurance. But there were also very bad things: after a mayonnaise or buckwheat you had to walk for days.

The actor mentions that there was not so much employee turnover at the time. Now there are other possibilities. If the person does not have a proper income, he or she goes somewhere else or even to another country. Boris Bechet gave the example of doctors, who study in university first, and then continue to study all their lives, because medicine is a continuously developing field. After studies, they are employed as doctors and have a salary of five to six thousand lei. And the situation is quite complicated, because they have to pay a rent, they create a family. In these circumstances, a doctor is forced to leave the country or comply to less Christian methods in order to support himself.

In his opinion, society, people, did not reach the level of true capitalists, such as those in Europe. “There was a character by Matcovschi, Ioan Voda the Terrible, who said that a country must be ruled first of all with head-on and then with heart”, said Boris Bechet. According to him, there should be more common consensus at the political level as well. So, when it comes to the interests of citizens, of the state, all forces must join forces, whether in power or not.

The actor is optimistic and thinks that things are going slowly in the right direction. The Republic of Moldova is supported by the European Union, Romania and other states. The pandemic has somehow changed society, for example, even in terms of partying, which have become narrower, in the family, and are no longer made for the jaw.

In his view, each of us must take care of our home named Moldova, so that we are proud of the country in which we live. You have to be proud with the country. We are the country. "Take care of each other," is the actor's exhortation.

Boris Bechet was born on February 7, 1953, in Vadu-Leca village, Telenesti district. During 1971-1975 he studied at the Institute of Arts in Chisinau. In 1977-1985 he performed on the stage of the National Theatre "Vasile Alecsandri" in Balti, then came to Chisinau at the Poetic Theatre, today the Theatre "Alexei Mateevici". Boris Bechet made his debut at the "Moldova-film" studio in 1983. He starred in the films of Vasile Pascaru, Nicolae Ghibu, Boris Conunov, and a main role remains to be Stratan in Valeriu Gagiu's film "The Ravens of Prey do not share". In 1991 he was awarded the title of Artist Emeritus. Boris Bechet is the winner of the 2020 National Award.

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