Blowing up of Nova Kakhovka dam is an ecological and humanitarian catastrophe, opinions

Putin’s regime is in agony and the blowing up of the Nova Kakhovka dam confirms this, said PAS MP Oazu Nantoi. According to him, internal conflicts occur in Russia and these generate irrational actions. Ex-minister of defense Anatol Șalaru said that by destroying this dam, Russia aimed to hamper the Ukrainian counteroffensive, sacrificing this way Crimea that risks remaining without water, IPN reports.

According to representatives of the Moldovan government, the destruction of the dam of the Nova Kakhovka Hydroelectric Power Plant is an act of despair by the administration from the Kremlin, which this way tries to force peace talks.

“Fissures and internal conflicts appeared in the power pyramid in Russia. It is enough to remember the scandalous statements made by Prigozhin, who heads a private military company, his frontal attacks against the minister of defense of Russia. Furthermore, the Kremlin does not know how to act as it considers that Russia’s border is sacred and no one will touch it. And now militaries who say they are Russians who came to free Russia from Putin cause havoc in Belgorod region. The continuous stress of the Russian Federation makes them take such absolutely irrational steps like the blowing up of this dam. This points to the agony of Putin’s regime and this agony will last. This way, the risks also grow as the only red line that wasn’t crossed by the Kremlin is the use of tactical nuclear weapons. As to the rest, we see everything: crimes against humanity, war crimes and this catastrophe that is equal to the use of weapons of mass destruction,” MP of the Party of Action and Solidarity Oazu Nantoi stated in the program “Emphasis on Today” on TVR Moldova channel.

As a result of the detonation of the dam, the water supply infrastructure of Crimea was destroyed and the ecological, economic and humanitarian consequences are similar to those of a nuclear weapon, said commentator Nicolae Negru.

“The Russians are afraid of Ukraine’s counteroffensive and try to stop it this way. But this is a short-term delay as Russia’s positions can be attacked from the left bank of the Dnieper. The second hypothesis is that Russia tries to scare the West and plays the fool’s game. The destruction of the dam is similar to the use of a nuclear weapon and there are ecological, economic, humanitarian consequences. Russia wants to say that it can yet react if things go on and it goes to the Zaporizhzhia nuclear power plant. This is the Russians’ despair. They do not have power to fight against the Ukrainian army and this way take the last chances they have,” said the editorialist of “Ziarul Național” paper Nicolae Negru.

“By this gesture, Russia wanted to cause a humanitarian crisis. Russia wants to bring Ukraine at the negotiating table by causing this crisis that means not only floods. It is a catastrophe. Tens of thousands of animals drowned. By such a gesture, Russia aims to discourage the Ukrainian administration, but I don’t think that the Ukrainian army plans a counteroffensive on this line. The losses for agriculture, the losses for Crimea are huge. Millions of hectares of land will remain non-irrigated. Russia shows that it is ready to sacrifice Crimea for the sake of slowing down the counteroffensive,” said former minister of defense Anatol Șalaru.

On Wednesday, the President of Turkey Recep Tayyip Erdogan had telephone conversations with his Ukrainian and Russian counterparts and proposed creating an international commission consisting of representatives of the UN, which would determine who is to blame for the disaster on the Dnieper as the two belligerent states accuse each other of detonating the dam.

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