Better life for all citizens and emphasis on ecology. Promises of candidates in IPN’s first electoral debates

A better life for the citizens, punishment of corrupt people and placing of emphasis on ecology and green economy. These and other objectives were set by the election contestants the “New Historical Option” Party, the Political Party “NOI” and the Ecologist Green Party that aspire to seats of MP after the snap parliamentary elections of July 11. Representatives of the three contenders were invited to the first electoral debate  of the series “Developing Political Culture though Public Debates” that are staged by IPN News Agency.

In the presentation of the team, the spokesman for “NOI” Party Mihai Cristian Rizea said he became notorious in the Republic of Moldova without intending to. He sat on the Parliament of Romania for two times and is a former secretary of state in the Government of Adrian Năstase, but he was unjustly convicted following the fabrication of a criminal case. He was presented as the only corrupt person in the Republic of Moldova. “Following the 10-15 year “reign” of Vlad Plahotniuc, Igor Dodon and their acolytes who robbed the Republic of Moldova, I’m now the only unjustly accused corrupt person,” he said, noting that this was the result of the disclosures of corruption he made in Romania. “NOI” is a new party and is the only really independent party from political viewpoint, whose strings are not pulled by Dodon or Plahotniuc.

He noted that “NOI” is indeed the only party that fights the abusive system in Moldova and what’s happening to him is a proof of this. He presented a document that was recently issued by the Public Services Agency, which shows that he has an identity card with a Moldovan series, but is a Romanian citizen, with the Moldovan IDNP being indicated there. This is a crass illegality committed by a corrupt public institution. The CEC denied his access to candidacy for the reason that he is the citizen of another state. Another reason for which he and the party are attacked is a poll published by a sociological institute of Romania, where the party is shown to have gained only 4.23%.

Mihai Cristian Rizea noted that “NOI” is the only party that has a program for the confiscation of ill-gotten gains. “On the first day we enter Parliament, we will amend the law on the taxation of property. Through this we will ensure higher pensions, salaries and child benefit. We also propose a zero bank commission on money sent home by the Moldovan diaspora. All the hypermarkets should be obliged to accept Moldovan goods. We will annul the concession of the Chisinau International Airport. We are a party of the center-left with the slogan “12 united against the system”,” stated the spokesman.

The president of the Ecologist Green Party (PVE) Vitalie Marinuța said he is a brigade general in reserve and served as a minister of defense in three coalition governments. He started his career in 1992, struggling for the land, country and nation with an arm in his hands, as the Ecologist Green Party that was founded in 1992 has struggled for 30 years, also as a parliamentary party, for the citizens to have better living conditions, for people not to be kidnaped from the street, for the people of this country not to leave.

Vitalie Marinuța noted the PVE is not only for ecology, but also for ecology and the humans’ role in it. “There is not much water in the Nistru left. There are no rivers. The air is polluted. The whole society is polluted. That’s why the PVE comes with a list of professional candidates for MP, which obeys the gender equality norms. The most imprint thing is to realize that time has come to cross at the green light and to go on responsibly,” he stated.

“Until now the PVE took part in practically all the elections with the slogan “Clean person, clean Parliament, clean country”. But time has come for all the aspects in this country to be improved. That’s why our slogan is now “Green for health and future” that covers all the aspects of the social, economic and other types of spheres. The PVE is part of the European Greens and can now say that the whole Europe realized that time has come not to refuse what nature offers to us and we should protect it with care. That’s why ecology is one of the objectives of the PVE, after health, education and the fight against corruption. In Parliament, we will do so that the country never enters a pandemic unprepared,” stated Vitalie Marinuța. According to the politician, the fight against corruption, ecology and other important subjects cannot be raised in the absence of education. For them, Stephan the Great’s words “Moldova belongs not to us, but to our successors” are important, but more important is what he meant by these words – soil, forests, rivers, clean air and people.

“New Historical Option” Party president Svetlana Chesari said she represents one of the oldest parties in Moldova. “Our slogan is “Solidarity and Progress” as we have a divided and degenerating society. We combined forces in order to develop the country. Our team includes engineers, architects, sociologists, economists, teachers doctors as we aim to modernize all the spheres of our society and to improve the country’s image globally,” she stated.

According to Svetlana Chesari, their team pleads for development, new technologies, innovations and for the improvement of the quality of life at social, economic, public relations levels. “We aim to implement an innovative policy for Moldova, namely in the three economic development regions: North, South and Center. Innovative activities and successful projects should be implemented to modernize infrastructure. A symbiosis should be ensured between the academia and the business community so as to promote new technologies and to align the country with the global innovative system. The pandemic showed that the country is affected by climate change. All the goals we set are aimed at making sure that the people of Moldova feel respected and happy so that they also contribute to the country’s development,” she stated.

The party intends to ensure Moldova’s energy security as the country is now dependent on foreign energy resources and this results in economic genocide in the country. The use of new technologies for generating renewable energy is a solution for ensuing energy diversification. These initiatives will be supported in Parliament. They also aim to encourage the small businesses that apply new technologies and Moldova should align itself with the standards of the Green Deal whose objective is to attain a quota of 80% of the renewable energy.

In the July 11 snap parliamentary elections, the “New Historical Option” Party will be under No. 21 on the ballot, the Political Party “Noi”- under No. 12, while the Ecologist Green Party - under No. 15.

IPN’s second electoral debate set for June 30, 11:15am, will feature the election contenders the Party of Change, the Shor Party and “Democracy at Home” Party.

IPN Agency holds the electoral debates as part of the series of debates “Developing Political Culture though Public Debates” with the assistance of the Hanns Seidel Foundation of Germany.

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