Benedetto Della Vedova: We start from excellent relations so as to create new spaces for rapprochement

IPN interview with the Secretary of State of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation of the Republic of Italy  Benedetto Della Vedova

IPN: You also attended the concert to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the Moldovan-Italian diplomatic relations yesterday evening at the Palace of the Republic in Chisinau and I want to offer you to treat this concert as the symbol of this anniversary. It was a superb concert with very good Italian and Moldovan music, with excellent Moldovan and Italian musicians. It was a fantastic joint masterwork. In what other areas are we a joint orchestrate that works so well together? In the economic relations, in commercial exchanges for example, how well did we “sing” together during these 30 years?

Benedetto Della Vedova: The orchestras, primarily the political ones, always look to establish exact harmony so as not to create additional problems. I think this symbol of the orchestra can be attributed to those who sing Moldovan and Italian music and also to the Moldovan and Italian authorities that find methods and capacities to stick together. I also refer to the Moldovans in Italy, a very large diaspora, and to the Italians who invest in the Republic of Moldova. I think that from economic viewpoint, the relations are excellent and we start from excellent relations so as to create new spaces for investment and mutual exchanges in different sectors, including training at the level of universities, the agrifood sector, etc. We have a lot to do and the goal of my visit to Chisinau is namely to do so that the economic relations develop, as the institutional relations do, as it happened this morning, and also in other areas.

IPN: Which are the most important projects implemented by Italy in Moldova, why namely in these areas and what effects can we emphasize in this period?

Benedetto Della Vedova: There are important agreements regarding Italian support in the justice sector reforms. There is important cooperation in the security sector, etc. Today, I will attend an event involving Moldovan and Italian carabineers. In particular, the Italian carabineers will bring well-trained dogs to Moldova. This will enable to strengthen the capacities of carabineers in the Republic of Moldova.

IPN: As the correct relations are or should be equitable, in what areas could Italy bank on Moldova’s support?

Benedetto Della Vedova: We enjoyed the RM’s support in a number of international contexts. The last example, chronologically speaking, was when Moldova supported and voted the Italian candidate for the UNESCO world heritage as Italy entered the European UNESCO heritage management mechanism. So, at international level, we also have enhanced cooperation. By the way, as regards the UNESCO sites, our objective, of the Italians, at the UNESCO world level, is to engage countries in which there are few sites or sites that are not sufficiently taken into account by the UNESCO heritage. I wish and hope that the UNESCO heritage list in the near future will include sites of the Moldovan territory or materials of Moldovan traditions.

IPN: You said that this morning you signed a very important agreement. What does this refer to and what other important documents that ease the life of Moldovans and Italians were signed and function during these 30 years?

Benedetto Della Vedova: We today signed the Agreement on the mutual recognition of study documents between the Government of the Republic of Moldova and the Government of the Republic of Italy. This will enable Moldovan graduates to bank on the recognition of diplomas issued in Moldova in Italy and vice versa. Also, the Agreement offers the Moldovan students the possibility of going to study in Italy, while Italian graduates will be able to come and work in Moldova as their diplomas will be recognized. There are many other agreements that are designed to improve the life of citizens. I will remind here only one agreement that is not directly related to Italy, but is related to the European Union – Moldova’s Association Agreement with EU. For me, this is the most important one and Italy 100% supports the European perspective of Moldova.

IPN: How do the Moldovans feel in Italy and how do the Italians feel in Moldova? Why do you think a very larger part of the Moldovans decided to look for a better life outside their country of origin and chose to settle in Italy? What effects does this phenomenon produce for our countries?

Benedetto Della Vedova: I think both of the communities feel very well averagely. The Moldovan community in Italy, which I think is the largest community abroad, is very active. Many Moldovans work. Many are entrepreneurs. Yesterday, I met with the Italian community in the Republic of Moldova. There are many Italians here and they all offer services as entrepreneurs. The fact that many Moldovans go abroad, as the Italians do, is regrettable, but is also a big opportunity. On the other hand, it is the Republic of Moldova that should develop, grow, do reforms as regards freedom, democracy, the rule of law, the fight against corruption so as to show to those who left and to those who intend to leave that the country is ready to develop the own talents here, in the Homeland.

For conformity, Valeriu Vasilică

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