Bashkan of Gagauzia: Decision to annul date of elections is not legal

The Bashkan of Gagauzia Irina Vlah said the decision to annul the date of elections to the local People’s Assembly is unclear and was taken not in accordance with the law. The mandate of the deputies of the People’s Assembly expired and a new local legislative body should be elected, IPN reports.

“Regrettably, the deputies haven’t yet realized that the People’s Assembly is not the place where everyone does what they want. They must do what’s necessary and useful for ATU Gagauzia,” Irina Vlah stated in the meeting of the Executive Committee of Gagauzia. She called on the deputies to follow the example of responsibility given by teachers, doctors, drivers and others who go to work daily and fulfill their duties.

“Mister deputies, your mandate expired and you must not invent reasons for extending it. You must now come before the voters and tell them what you did for the wellbeing of Gagauzia. Explain to the people how the scandals and insults you aim at each other and at other people contribute to development,” stated the official.

Irina Vlah noted that three decisions need to be taken, namely the source for financing the election campaign, the new composition of the Electoral Commission of Comrat and the election day.

On January 20, 2021, it was four years of the calling of the first meeting of the People’s Assembly of Gagauzia after the elections of November 2016. The People’s Assembly set the election day for April 4 this year, but recently the deputies annulled the own decision.

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