Bartlomiej Zdaniuk: Moldova occupies a very important place in Poland’s circle of interests

Poland cares about its neighbors, including the Republic of Moldova, as about itself. Its achievements and challenges can serve as model lessons for the Republic of Moldova and its citizens in the development process. Moldova occupies a very important place in Poland’s circle of interests, Poland’s Ambassador to Moldova Bartlomiej Zdaniuk stated in an interview for IPN Agency given on the occasion of the national holiday of Poland that is celebrated on May 3.

“The Republic of Moldova occupies a very important place. The security of the region is essential for us. Each success of the Republic of Moldova and other neighbors of ours is also our success. Each defeat and each problem have an impact on the situation in our country. The Republic of Moldova has to deal with many challenges, not only the Transnistrian issue, but also other internal challenges. The resolution of these problems is in Poland’s interests as the region will thus become more stable and Poland will become more attractive as a state. That’s why we want to continue our cooperation for everyone’s benefit. We care about the developments in your country as this is important for us, for our image and position. That’s why Poland is very active in the post-Soviet area, especially in Eastern Europe. Poland was one of the two authors of the Eastern Partnership project because we realize that, if the situation in the given area is not stabilized and we do not see progress, this will be an obstacle to our development too,” said the Polish diplomat.

The ambassador reminded about one fault existing in the bilateral relations. “Unfortunately, the loan for Moldova’s agriculture couldn’t have been yet used for reasons that do not depend on Poland. We didn’t get angry. No one is angry. We continue to wait and hope that this project will be implemented. The money is in Warsaw and is waiting to be collected,” noted Bartlomiej Zdaniuk.

The diplomat described the Moldovan-Polish relations as continuously developing. “We have an important rise in trade. Last year trade even doubled. We have intense cooperation relations in culture, with a lot of people of culture coming from Poland to the Republic of Moldova and vice versa. We witnessed a good start as regards our financial presence. I refer to the Polish investment in the sugar industry, where a state business entity from Poland, by the way, is present in the Republic of Moldova and works here. We also have important cooperation in the security sector. Poland also contributed to the disposal of pesticides in the Republic of Moldova. We have a Polish community in the Republic of Moldova, which is very active. We have very active interparliamentary cooperation. So, there is wish and there is geographical and spiritual proximity. Besides the problem related to the loan, if I look at the state of the relations between the Republic of Moldova and Poland, I can say that we have very important and sustained development everywhere,” the ambassador said in the interview for IPN entitled “My dream is to build a strong connection between people here and those in Poland”.

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