Bartłomiej Zdaniuk: EU is a launch pad that enables to make a big jump

The European Union is an aid, a launch pad that enables to make a big and nice jump. If the effort is not made independently, the EU cannot change the situation in the country and remove the obstacles faced by the people by a magic formula, Poland’s Ambassador to Moldova Bartłomiej Zdaniuk stated in BDR Associates’ first interview of a series of thematic interviews with EU ambassadors conducted as part of Europe Days, IPN reports.

Bartłomiej Zdaniuk noted he remembers very well the day of May 1, 2004, when Poland became a member of the EU. Nothing seemed to have changed that day. The Poles inhaled the same air. And that day wasn’t a start, but a continuation of the efforts made earlier. Poland wouldn’t have succeeded if it hadn’t changed the way of thinking.

The ambassador also remembers the start of the 1990s, when they realized what a wide discrepancy was there compared with the Western states. “I refer to practical things, such as roads, highways, towns, the economy, the business environment, etc. The state of these things was a reason for being ashamed. And this shame stimulated us to make progress at home. Starting from small things, but taking steps towards a better direction, and the steps increase in number, contributing thus to bigger, more visible progress, and the people appreciate this.”

Bartłomiej Zdaniuk said the state and the people should do everything possible to make progress, no matter how small. “And these things should be done by the Moldovan citizens and Moldovan elite. In this regard, the EU provides support and the possibility of doing some things faster and of using the experience of other states that already faced similar challenges and are now members of the European Union.”

As to the COVID-19 pandemic, the diplomat said everyone should realize that they must bring things in order at home, in their yard, as something like this is normal. “In this regard, it is a call to responsibility in managing the state affairs. There is also another aspect as there are partners around each state with which nice things can be done together to overcome the pandemic.”

According to him, each state does its best to make progress in an area, while another state takes steps to advance in another area. “This could be seen among the EU states. The European states provided support at bilateral level and also at EU level for the citizens of the Republic of Moldova. If gathering the support together, its size will be visible, either it goes to equipment or to other dimensions that contribute to the development of the country, like the projects implemented in concert.”

Bartłomiej Zdaniuk also said that this period is a test, an exam, possibly of conscience, for everyone as individuals and as members of the community.

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