Authors of motion against Foreign Ministry warn they will block Parliament rostrum

The authors of the simple motion against the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and European Integration warn they will block the Parliament’s rostrum if Minister of Foreign Affairs Aureliu Ciocoi does not come to the February 21 sitting of the legislature to present a report. The announcement was made after Parliament Speaker Zinaida Grechanyi informed that the motion wasn’t accepted into legislative procedure by the Standing Bureau.

Contacted by IPN, PAS MP Lilian Carp said that if Minister Ciocoi does not present himself in Parliament tomorrow, the legislature’s rostrum will be blocked. “It is not for the first time that they violate the Parliament’s Regulations and the Constitution when a simple motion is to be examined,” he stated, noting the goal was to hide the impotence of this minister who insulted first of all the combatants who fought for Moldova’s independence and not to reveal Dodon’s servitude to Russia, which uses Moldova in a geopolitical context favorable to it.

PPPDA MP Kiril Moțpan has told IPN that the blocking of the rostrum is a gesture of protest at an illegal decision taken by the Standing Bureau and the current parliamentary majority. The minister had the impertinence to pronounce on the events of 1992, seriously insulting the veterans who took part in that war that was waged by Russia.

Minister of Foreign Affairs Aureliu Ciocoi said factually the Russian Federation’s army deployed in the eastern districts of Moldova intervened to stop the bloodshed there. Later, the minister commented that what he said in that news conference is the original. The rest represented misinterpretations and distorting of the meaning of what he said, with or without a bad invention. What followed confirms that there is no general, unique, national approach. An extensive analysis of what happened between 1990 and July 1992, when a ceasefire agreement was signed between the then President of Russia Boris Yeltsin and the then President of Moldova Mircea Snegur, wasn’t carried out.

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