Aurelian Lavric: Prospects of relations with EU depend on quality of politicians in Chisinau

Doctor Aurelian Lavric, expert in geopolitics, university professor, said the prospects of the relations with the European Union depend on quality of the politicians who will be in power in Moldova. According to him, the relations between Moldova and the EU are not the desired ones, which would bring benefits. “For a number of reasons, including because of the political instability in the Republic of Moldova, emphasis on these relations is not placed, but this should be done,” the expert stated in the public debate “About the quality of the EU-RM relationship through the angle of the six, old and new conditions” that was organized by IPN News Agency.

Aurelian Lavric said the EU wants the states around it to be stable, to have stable governments and institutions. This is a democratic approach in the European civilization – a state is modern, prosperous when it has efficient state institutions. That’s why the Western partners have always focused on the modernization of institutions. The justice sector institutions make the difference between a democratic state and an authoritarian one. For these reasons, the EU wants the Republic of Moldova, as an associate state, to have a justice system that would ensure an atmosphere of calmness and harmonious development.

According to him, the justice sector will always be among the EU’s conditionality elements as this sector remains problematic and will need continuous improvement even if efforts are made and actions are taken. In Moldova, the politicians are always tempted to cover their back, especially when it goes to the appointment of judges, and this phenomenon should be rooted out.

“The tendency and phenomenon related to the control of justice have existed since the 1990s, even if not so visibly. This is an essential sector. When an independent justice system free from political influence exists in the Republic of Moldova, we could say that the politicians will also have fear in the next elections and of justice. There will be particular fear that will determine efficiently and responsibility before the people,” said Aurelian Lavric.

He noted that the unlimited tendency for improvement existing in the EU and, in general, in the civilizational area should not be neglected. In this area, the institutions, including in the justice sector and administration, are permanently improved.

The professor said we should not believe that when the technical requirements are met, we will be able to say that the justice sector reform was completed. We will have to think what we can improve further.

The debate “About the quality of the EU-RM relationship through the angle of the six, old and new conditions” was the 147th installment of the debates project “Developing political culture through public debates” that is supported by the Hanns Seidel Foundation.

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