Aurelian Lavric: Moldova cannot align itself with the U.S. or with Iran

The Republic of Moldova is a state that cannot align itself with the U.S. or with Iran or another force over the tense situation created between the two sides in the recent past. Expert in securities studies Aurelian Lavric, university professor, doctor, in a public debate titled “Military and geopolitical tensions in the Middle East: impact on the Republic of Moldova and position of the Republic of Moldova”, organized by IPN News Agency, said the Republic of Moldova, given its permanent neutrality status stipulated in the Constitution, should take into account the fact that it is situated between Romania and Ukraine, which have strategic partnerships with the U.S. and a very close relationship and coordinate their actions.

According to Aurelian Lavric, namely for the reason that it promotes the concept of permanent neutrality, the Republic of Moldova theoretically could offer mediation services within possibilities, to the extent to which it would be listened to. “I think the geographical position of our state, between the West and Russia, to say it so, makes us to look credible before Iran, before other geopolitical players of other regions of the world. But we have the unsolved Transnistrian conflict, this problem of poverty that we cannot overcome and I think the Republic of Moldova, in the current context, cannot claim involvement and state its position on the events related to Iran,” stated the expert.

He noted that if a conflict escalates, the Republic of Moldova will have to take into account the fact that it is situated in this geographical zone and its people will be exposed. “At present, when the conflict with Iran reaches new proportions and extends, at least at media and diplomatic levels, the military instruments aimed against Iran could start to work,” he warned, reminding that a U.S. antimissile shield base against eventual missiles launched from Iran was earlier built in Romania, which is a NATO member.

As to Russia’s position on the conflict, Aurelian Lavric said there is a Russian-Iranian agreement over the situation in Syria, according to which Russia cooperates with Iran and, possibly, the efficiency of this cooperation helped maintain the regime of Bashar al-Assad in Syria. “It seems to me, it is evident that if the situation escalates, Russia, which promotes this concept of multipolar world order, will not allow the U.S. to destroy Iran. The Republic of Moldova, which is between Russia and the Western civilization, should take into account the position of the two players and, namely from this angle, I think we can be credible as regards the provision of mediation services,” stated the expert.

According to him, it is evident that the Republic of Moldova should plead for peace and the government should not make mistakes. Russia hasn’t clearly stated its position so far and the Republic of Moldova cannot do this either and no one ultimately seeks this from us. “It’s clear that the political class, the government adopted a correct position so far. I’m sure that civil society will plead for peace and we here make common cause with the civil society in the U.S., which clearly pleaded against war. We also support the position of the European officials, who plead for a peaceful solution and I think the people all over the world want peace. Only the people without discernment can be in favor of war.”

Speaking about the reasons of the actions taken by the U.S., Aurelian Lavric said the United States is probably guided by the vanity of superpower inherited from the post-cold war period, when it was the only superpower, and also by the unpleasant memory of 1979, when the then pro-American government in Iran was ousted.

The debate “Military and geopolitical tensions in the Middle East: impact on the Republic of Moldova and position of the Republic of Moldova” was the 123rd installment of the series “Developing political culture through public debates” that is supported by the German foundation “Hanns Seidel”.

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