AUR undertakes to promote social and economic bills

The Alliance for the Union of Romanians (AUR) is ready to form an electoral bloc with the National Unity Party led by Octavian Țâcu and will not submit the documents for registration to the CEC as long as it does not reach a compromise with the PUN on the issue, AUR Moldova president Vlad Biletski told a news conference, being quoted by IPN.

Vlad Biletski said that if AUR passes the election threshold, they commit themselves to promote minimum salaries of 6,000 lei, minimum pensions of 3,500 lei, a monthly child benefit of 1,000 lei in the Parliaments in Chisinau and Bucharest. AUR also aims to stop party switching by withdrawing the seat of MP, confiscate the property of those who commit acts of corruption, employ a European prosecutor general, support the Moldovan farmers with an annual fixed subsidy of 2,500 lei per hectare.

AUR also undertakes to promote bills that enable to take out loans with zero interest for purchasing agricultural machinery made fully or partially in Moldova, to support the local authorities by a national investment program with €100 million a year, to modernize the roads, to build water supply and sewage systems, to rehabilitate education institutions, to build near Chisinau a gas-based electrical power station in cooperation with “Romgaz” so as to obtain cheaper gas from Romania, to provide by €20,000 in grant funding to Moldovans younger than 40 who want to start a business, with a total of €20 million a year.

AUR undertakes to abolish the customs taxes from and to the EU, to seek the pullout of Russia’s 14th Army from the Transnistrian region and its replacement with peacekeeping troops under the aegis of the UN.

In the parliamentary elections held in Romania in December 2020, the Alliance for the Union of Romanians gained about 60,000 votes of the Romanians from the Republic of Moldova, contributing to the election of 44 Romanian senators and MPs of the alliance, six of whom are from Moldova.

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