Attempts are made to make Veaceslav Platon responsible for stealing of another billion lei, lawyers

The lawyers for businessman Veaceslav Platon said a new criminal case was started against their client in a bid to make Platon responsible for the stealing of another billion lei. The defense noted the charge is based only on statements and there is no real evidence.

In a news conference at IPN, lawyer Valeriu Plesca said a new order to charge Veaceslav Platon with the appropriation of over 1.7 billion lei from Banca de Economii in a new case was issued. This amount was actually transferred to well-known groups of companies, which are indicated in the Kroll report as companies belonging to the Shor group.

“So, Veaceslav Platon is accused of obtaining loans by abusing Ilan Shor’s trust, which is misleading this while he was president of Banca de Economii. But the loans were actually raised by the companies considered to be forming part of the Shor group. The money went further, to companies registered outside the Republic of Moldova. We refer to the company “Zenit-management”, which is registered at the same address as other companies of the Shor group. In such conditions, our client cannot understand how he could have committed the offense or sealing when there is no evidence that the money reached him and the accusation is actually based on information presented by Ilan Shor,” noted Valeriu Plesca.

According to him, by the same order Veaceslav Platon is charged with the embezzling of over 278.5 million lei through particular companies so as to later repay this money to Moldindconbank for loans that were also obtained by Ilan Shor. “They probably try to take these sums of 1.7 billion and 278 million from another charge or criminal case and shift the responsibility on our client. Our client does not recognize these amounts and there are no proofs that he stole this money,” said the lawyer. He added it is strange that this case appeared now and nobody made declarations over it.

Lawyer Eduard Rudenko said effort is made to make sure that society does not know who actually robbed the banking system. This case is an exact copy of the case in which Veaceslav Platon was already convicted. “Analyzing this accusation, we reached a conclusion – we will not get at the truth about the theft of the billion. These prosecutors do their best to protect Ilan Shor and those who actually benefited from the money stolen from Banca de Economii and the National Bank. This accusation looks ridiculous to me,” he stated.

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