At the local polls, candidates must talk about concrete policies, opinion

At the elections for mayors and councillors of all levels, candidates must talk about concrete policies related to the daily problems of citizens and less about general things. This is the opinion of the expert in public policies Stefan Gligor. According to him, this is not happening in Chisinau as the two main candidates of the Socialist Party and ACUM bloc are launching general messages for voters, IPN reports.

The expert claims that in the race for Chisinau municipality mayor position, national level politicians with a national message box have been registered. In his opinion, the two best-known candidates of the Socialist Party and the ACUM bloc have a general approach rather than a particular one. "I would have liked to see matter of fact discussions," said Stefan Gligor.

According to him, the local elections differ from the national ones and in this race candidates should refer to concrete policies pertaining to the daily problems of citizens. "The Republic of Moldova is a country in ruins, a state affected by a serious demographic crisis, by the clinical death of the village; whereas an agrarian country that elects its local public administration should look for solutions, for visionary people who are competing for the position of mayor and local councillor not for the sake of their personal ego, but for the sake of problem solving,” stated Stefan Gligor.

The journalist Nicolae Negru believes that there is currently no clear vision, no project on what Chisinau city should look like. As for the candidates, Nicolae Negru says that there are many Unionist and right-wing candidates who could attract, in these elections, more passive voters and in a way reduce the chances of the Socialist representative to win the City Hall in the first round.

The secretary of the Central Election Commission, Maxim Lebedinschi, draws attention to the fact that the "day of silence" is set on the election day and no campaigning or electoral publicity shall be allowed, except for the previously placed billboards. "The days of silence constitute an international standard, including the one promoted by the Venice Commission, called the" Commission for Democracy by Law "of the Council of Europe. The purpose of this day is to give the voter peace of mind, so that he/she can put things together and decide calmly for whom he/she will vote, "said Maxim Lebedinschi.

General local elections will be held on October 20.


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