Association of Mediators of Moldova founded in Chisinau

The promotion of the institute of mediation will be the major objective of the Association of Mediators of Moldova that invited the potential founders to a constitution, assessment and training seminar, Info-Prim Neo reports. According to the director of the Institute for Penal Reform, Igor Dolea, the authorities in Moldova have tried to use mediation as alternative to trial during the past few years. In 2007, there was adopted the Law on Mediation that will take effect on July 1, 2008. Effort must be made to broadly implement the stipulations of this law, to improve the qualification of the mediators and, consequently, their independence. “The promotion of the institute of mediation will decriminalize the Penal Code, thing that is very important in a state of law,” Igor Dolea said. Cristina Beldiga, member of the Mediation Council of the Ministry of Justice, said that 224 criminal cases have been solved by mediation in Moldova since 2005 until present. Amicable agreements have been reached in 60 cases of these. According to the cited source, the mediation procedure should be used not only in the legal cases in which the mediation is possible (cases punished with imprisonment of up to five years), but especially to solve communitarian and family conflicts, as well as economic disputes. “The mediation entitles the injured party to damages, allows it to meet the offender and ask him the bothering questions. The psycho-emotional equilibrium between the parties is being thus reestablished. This is very important in the communitarian or economic conflicts,” Beldiga stressed. Mediation is a voluntary option of the parties involved in the conflict. The smaller costs incurred and less time spent are the advantages of mediation, compared with the examination of the cases in court. Under the statute, the Association of the Mediation will organize activities to inform the public about the institution of mediation, to contribute to the improvement of the mediation-related working methods and capabilities of its members, to work out functional mediation schemes, to create a network of information exchange on mediation at national and international levels. People practicing different professions that have mediation capacities and can obtain the given license can become mediators. Cristina Beldiga said that about 50 persons became founding members of the Association of Mediators.

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