Armand Goșu: Russia wants Ukraine to become involved in new battle front in Transnistria

Russia intentionally intensified its rhetoric about an eventual attack by Ukraine on the Transnistrian region so as to make Kyiv keep thousands of soldiers blocked in Odessa region, said Romanian geopolitical expert Armand Goșu. According to the political commentator, Ukraine will not attack the Transnistrian region as it does not want a new battle front to be opened, IPN reports.

The expert said the destabilization risks in the Transnistrian region will exist as long as the war continues. The regime in Tiraspol does not want an escalation of the conflict and, through its rhetoric, Russia only aims to scatter the Ukrainian in army so as to weaken it.

“Russia escalated this conflict with the Republic of Moldova, for now only verbally, as it wants to open a new battle front against Ukraine. Russia wants to remind Ukraine that it needs to keep 10,000-15,000 soldiers on the border with Transnistria as there is a threat to Ukraine’s security there so that Kyiv does not send soldiers from Odessa region to Donbas. Ukraine is obliged by this context to block thousands of soldiers in Odessa region. Putin aims to extend the battle front against Ukraine. The worsening of the situation in Transnistria would be a great present for the Russian army as this would ease its task on other battle fronts,” Armand Goșu stated in the program “In Depth” on ProTV Chisinau channel.

According to the expert, the more insistent rhetoric of the Kremlin about an eventual attack by Ukraine on the Transnistrian region is designed to cause tensions in the relations between Chisinau and Kyiv. Russia also wants to cause a state of uncertainty and suspicion about the real intentions of the leaders of the two states.

“Russia pursues two goals: to spoil the relationship between Chisinau and Kiev, and to make Kyiv to act, to stimulate the Ukrainians to take this wrong step by suggesting an attack by the Ukrainians on Transnistria. Ukraine is busy with its domestic affairs. It needs to free its own territory from Russians. If Russia stages a diversion in Tiraspol, I think Moldova will be the one that will request Ukraine to intervene in Transnistria as Ukraine has what to act with. Currently, the Transnistrian political, economic elite, the Sheriff group do not have any interest in allowing Putin to use them,” stated the Romanian political pundit.

On Monday, the separatist leader Vadim Krasnoselsky said the situation around the Transnistrian region is tense, but there is no imminent danger to the region’s security. He noted that if a real threat to the citizens appears, he will personally make the information known.

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