Arina Spătaru: I learned that we have at least one person infected with COVID-19 in Parliament

MP of the Party “Dignity and Truth Platform” Arina Spătaru said the MPs on April 7 received a message from the Parliament’s Secretariat by which they were warned that persons infected with COVID-19 are there in Parliament. The politician noted that this thing first became known last week, when the Socialist and Democratic MPs didn’t come to the legislative body’s siting, IPN reports.

“Last week, when the Parliament Speaker invited us all to a plenary sitting, things didn’t stand well already. Why? Because we today learned from a vague message of the secretary, Mister Albu (Adrian Albu, secretary general – e.n.) that we have in Parliament at least one person who tested positive for COVID-19. Mister Leucă, was this the reason why you didn’t come to the plenary siting? Because you knew that we have sick persons in Parliament? Misses Ruxanda Glavan admitted that she didn’t want to expose her fellows, family. What shall I do, Mister Leucă, as I have three children? How should I feel? You treated us like fools,” said Arina Spătaru, addressing Democratic MP Ion Leucă, who also took part in the program “Black Box” on TV8 channel.

Asked if a Parliament sitting could be held online, Socialist MP Vasile Bolea said this is possible, but the legislature’s Regulations should be modified for the purpose. The Legal Commission will come together on April 8 to run an online test.  

“For the Parliament sitting to be held online, the Parliament’s Regulations should be amended. I saw IT specialists working in the assembly hall and installing the necessary devices,” stated the Socialist MP.

Vasile Bolea could not say when the MPs will come together for a sitting, but said that this could happen soon.

The April 2 Parliament sitting where the Government was to present the bill for which it assumed responsibility didn’t take place because the quorum was not present. The Socialist and Democratic MPs didn’t show up.

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