Therapy for Moldovan drug-addict detainees

Twenty-six persons held in Penitentiary No. 9 in Pruncul will be integrated into the first therapeutic community of the country intended for drug-addict detainees. In a press briefing, secretary of state at the Ministry of Justice Anatolie Munteanu said the detainee’s willingness to give up taking drugs is the main condition for being included in the therapeutic community, IPN reports.

Anatolie Munteanu admitted before the press that the problem of drug use among detainees is known by those from the penitentiary system. There were identified 470 prisoners who are addicted to drugs. These are under the supervision of doctors from the penitentiary system. Those in charge aim to reduce the number of drug addicts through the therapeutic community that will be housed by a residential sector of the penitentiary.

“The therapeutic community necessitates safety areas, specially trained personnel that possess modern techniques and strategies for communicating with detainees and correcting their behavior,” said the secretary of state, noting that the specialists will work with the detainees to help them quit using drugs.

Thus, the creation of therapeutic conditions, which is an innovative method for the Republic of Moldova, will enable detainees to stay in drug-free areas. The prisoners who will state their readiness to give up abusing drugs will be monitored by specialists within the therapeutic community during a year.

Asked by journalists if this model will be extended to other penitentiaries of the country, Anatolie Munteanu said work with drug addicts is very specific and the authorities place emphasis not on the hasty increase in the number of beneficiaries, but on the quality of work. The possibility of extending the service could be considered in a period.