Director of Institute of Phthisiopneumology dismissed

The director of the Institute of Phthisiopneumology Liliana Domente has been discharged because she inappropriately managed the institution’s activity, IPN reports, quoting the Ministry of Health.

An investigation ordered by the Ministry showed that five children died last year from tuberculosis, one of whom in Transnistria. The Institute of Phthisiopneumology reported only three cases of death to the Ministry of Health. When examining the cases, it was established that there was no efficient cooperation with family doctors and phthisiopneumologists from districts, who are responsible for the diagnosis of the disease.

The Ministry of Health requested the director to propose measures to reduce the rate of late detection of tuberculosis and unjustified hospitalizations, but this wasn’t done.

After analyzing the report of the Pharmaceutical Inspectorate, an assessment commission established that some types of medicines from the Institute of Phthisiopneumology’s pharmaceutical storehouse are in insufficient quantities, while other drugs are enough for seven years. There were also identified larger medicine stores than the previous years, in the absence of documents that justify this necessity.

Also, the Financial Inspectorate determined that salaries of over 1.3 million lei have been illegally paid starting with 2013.Over 7,000 lei in financial assistance was provided unjustifiably. After an employee of the Institute was illegally dismissed in 2015, the institution was obliged to pay over 38,000 lei damages and court costs.

Thus, the Institute of Phthisiopneumology unreasonably spent over 160,000 lei of the money received from the National Social Insurance House on maintenance costs and almost 12,000 lei on food for employees.