“Moldova’s Youth”: Census data were fixed

The Civic Movement “Moldova’s Youth” said the results of the 2014 population and dwelling census were fixed and have nothing to do with reality. In a news conference at IPN, the young activists asked that the Government should not recognize the results presented by the National Bureau of Statistics.

The Movement’s head Anatol Ursu said the fixing of the data concerning ethnicity is a direct attack on Romania and the persons who identify themselves as Romanians.

“They announced that there are only 7% of ethnic Romanians in Moldova and only 23% of the population speaks Romanian. It is evident that the data were falsified. We warned that the National Bureau of Statistics prepares to provide such data and this thing was confirmed. It seems that the data have nothing to do with reality because last August, when over 60% of the questionnaires had been already processed, the percentage of ethnic Romanians exceeded 30%. Now the final data show a figure of only 7%. The decline is implausible and can be explained by falsification only,” stated Anatol Ursu.

According to the young man, President Igor Dodon agreed with the ruling party to support the introduction of the uninominal voting system if the real number of ethnic Romanians in Moldova is reduced as this is necessary for the policy they pursue.

Romanian MP Constantin Codreanu told the same news conference that the figure of 7% of ethnic Romanians in Moldova is open to question. It’s not clear how this percentage can be explained when the number of Romanian citizens in Moldova is on the rise.

“I make a call and insist that the Romanian taxpayers’ money allocated to the Republic of Moldova should be released on particular conditions as we now unwillingly contribute to the promotion of this myth of the Moldovan civic nation and to the maintaining of people who want this as rulers of the Republic of Moldova,” stated the Romanian MP.

The young activists said they will continue to compare the data obtained by them in 2014, within the parallel vote count, and will mount a protest at the National Bureau of Statistics.

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