People’s ombudsman makes call to mayor of Chisinau

People’s Ombudsman Mihail Cotorobai and members of the Council of Experts under the Office of the People’s Ombudsman call on Mayor General of Chisinau Dorin Chirtoaca to ensure the reasonable adjustment, in accordance with the needs of persons with disabilities, of the street Mihail Sadoveanu that is under reconstruction, IPN reports.

As a result of inspections, it was established that the bus and trolleybus stations and parking places are mainly surrounded by high curbs and there are no segments adjusted to ensure wheelchair access. On sidewalks near crosswalks and at bus and trolleybus stations, there is no tactile paving. The parking lots do not contain places adjusted to the needs of persons with disabilities, which would be marked appropriately.

In his message, the People’s Ombudsman says the central and local public authorities are obliged to contribute to ensuring and promoting the rights of persons with disabilities so as to prevent and eliminate their discrimination in society.

Given the aforementioned, the People’s Ombudsman and the members of the Council of Experts recommend Dorin Chirtoaca to immediately remove the identified violations, while the State Building Inspectorate is requested to inspect the street and formulate prescriptions. If the given recommendations are ignored, the People’s Ombudsman reserves the right to file a lawsuit.