Copies of EU archive documents exhibited at ASEM

Copies of archive documents about the constitution and development of the European Union were displayed at the Academy of Economic Studies of Moldova (ASEM) on the occasion of the 60th anniversary of the signing of the Treaty of Rome that laid the foundations of the EU. The exhibition can be visited free between March 28 and April 28, IPN reports.

In the opening of the exhibit, Head of the EU Delegation to Moldova Pirkka Tapiola said the European project is unique in history and the over 60 years that passed since the foundation of the EU show that things can be improved. “The ugly things, the wars remained in the past and we no longer want to live on a continent that is split, affected negatively by wars, hatred and geopolitics,” said the diplomat, noting that the European Union shifted emphases from war to peace and from power to values.

Italy’s Ambassador in Chisinau Valeria Biagiotti said the exhibition sums up the results achieved during the 60 years of the creation of the EU and includes three thematic sections that refer to the economic dimension, social policy and the policy of enlargement and establishment of partnerships with other states. The celebration in Chisinau of the 60th anniversary of the constitution of the EU is very significant given that Moldova pleads for a stronger partnership with the EU. “We want a Europe open to the states that respect our values and pledge to promote them,” stated Valeria Biagiotti, reiterating Italy’s support for Moldova’s European integration efforts.

Attending the event, Speaker of Parliament Andrian Candu said the Republic of Moldova took decisions that brought it much closer to the EU values, especially by the signing of the Association Agreement with the EU. “We set off on a road that is definitely not easy and is full of challenges. Where there are results, there are also mistakes sometimes, but it is the goal that counts. Our goal is to come closer to the values on which the European Union is built. We should also have them in society and economy and in what building the state Republic of Moldova means,” he stated.

Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs and European Integration Daniela Morari said that after 60 years of the signing of the Treaty of Rome, the European values are more relevant than ever and show their efficiency in the functioning of the EU. “The Republic of Moldova chose the European course as the most suitable one for the facilitation of the modernization process,” said the deputy minister.

A meeting of the Moldova – EU Association Council will take place in Chisinau on March 31. The results achieved by Moldova in implementing the Association Agreement will be presented there.

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