Details about Moldovans accused of housebreakings in Russia

Prosecutors provided details about an operation carried out three months ago in concert with the law enforcement agencies of Russia to hunt down a criminal group that committed break-ins and thefts. This was led by a Moldovan aged 39. The group members committed over ten burglaries in Moscow and its suburbs and stole golden jewels, precious stones, luxury accessories and firearms from houses. The arrests were made last October, IPN reports.

The goods stolen in Russia were smuggled into Moldova and sold on the black market through trustworthy persons.

Prosecutor Lilian Bacalam, of the Prosecutor’s Office for Organized Crime and Special Cases, told a news conference that the arrested persons have a criminal record and were convicted of similar offenses. Some of the group members have dual or even triple nationality. Now all the members of the group are in Russia, where a sentence is to be pronounced in their case.

The caused damage is being assessed. Ten criminal cases were started in Russia. Another 50 thefts are being investigated by the police in Russia. If they are found guilty, the Moldovans, a part of whom have Russian nationality, will serve up to 15 years in jail.