Two documents published in ‘easy to read and understand’ format

The United Nations Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities and the Law on the Social Inclusion of Persons with Disabilities were processed and published by the Center “Speranta” in an easy to read and understand format, IPN reports.

The Center’s executive director Lucia Gavrilita said the ‘easy to read and understand’ language enables a wide section of society to feel important and understand what the rulers communicate. Her experience in inclusive education helped her understand how to work with the text and to process difficult sentences so as to make them understandable to everyone.

Children with disabilities who benefit from the services of the Center “Speranta” were also involved in the process.

Attending the launch of the ‘easy to read and understand’ version of the two documents, Vasile Pusca, head of the Labor Ministry’s Social Protection Policy Division, expressed his conviction that the given texts will be easily accessed by children, by elderly people and not only.

According to the information of the Center “Speranta”, there are about 180,000 persons with different disabilities in Moldova, over 13,000 of whom are children. The Center provides employment and career counseling and support to 200 families.

The easy to read and understand documents are available from the Center “Speranta”.

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