Socialists commence referendum to repeal law ‘that makes people repay stolen US$1 billion’

The Party of Socialists has initiated a national referendum on the annulment of the law ‘that makes the people repay the stolen US$1 billion’. An initiative group to deal with this will be set up in the shortest period of time, the party says in a press release, quoted by IPN.

“We already launched all the legal procedures for organizing and holding this referendum,” said the party. According to the Socialists, the stolen money should be returned by all those who were involved in the theft by confiscating their property, not by pensioners, large families, doctors and teachers.

The press release also says that on December 28, 2016, Igor Dodon presented an initiative to repeal this law.  Almost a month has passed since then, but it is not yet clear when this will be included in the agenda of the Parliament’s sittings.