Premier’s resignation can mean concession of post to PDM, Anatol Taranu

The leaving by Chiril Gaburici of the post of Prime Minister can be part of a number of political scenarios, one of these envisioning the concession of the post to the Democratic Party (PDM) by the Liberal Democratic Party (PLDM), considers political analyst Anatol Taranu. He stated for IPN that the situation in Moldova can return to normality if the country is no longer governed by intermediaries.

Anatol Taranu said the investigation into the authenticity of Chiril Gaburici’s diploma is one of the causes for his dismissal and is a plausible reason as it is very hard to be Prime Minister when being accused of use of forgery. “The situation will now depend on how the parliamentary parties understand the necessity of forming a parliamentary majority and a number of scenarios are possible here. According to a possible scenario, the post of Prime Minister will be conceded to the PDM, if such a rotation is agreed rationally,” he stated.

As to the re-formation of the government coalition by including the Liberal Party (PL), Anatol Taranu said the PL’s key objective is now to win the mayoralty of Chisinau in the local elections. “It’s hard to wait for other statements from this party now. However, after the local elections, the PL’s rhetoric will suffer consistent changes,” he stated.

The analyst believes that it is very important for the political system of Moldova to return to normality and for the key posts not to be occupied by intermediaries. The main political players should be able to exercise their power and should bear overall responsibility. The politicians who hold the instruments of power should hold the posts even if their authority is challenged as this is better than using intermediaries.

Chiril Gaburici announced his dismissal on June 12. He argued he does not want to be accused of making use of the post of Premier in order to influence the investigation into the case concerning his diploma. He also said that real reforms are not possible as long as he does not enjoy the support of the parliamentary majority and of the opposition. He called on the parliamentary parties to form a new majority.