Negotiations to form a new government coalition will start after elections

The leaders of the PLDM and PDM announced their intention to open negotiations on the formation of a new parliamentary coalition after the June 14 local general elections. They will also begin to form local coalitions after the elections, IPN reports.

“The re-formation of the government coalition is not a novelty. I and Mister Lupu earlier returned to this issue for several times as this is a subject of national interest, not of party interest. I refer to the creation of a functional majority in Moldova so that the problems confronting the country could be solved,” Vlad Filat stated after the June 10 meeting of the alliance’s council.

“This majority won’t be created to serve the interests of a particular party, which already started to impose conditions. They should say it trenchantly.  Those who want early elections and adopted an unconstructive position should say it. I want an efficient government.”

The leader of the Democratic Party Marian Lupu underlined the necessity of strengthening the power by forming a parliamentary majority. “We will negotiate. We cannot say with whom. What we propose is one thing, but we should see what the goals of the other parliamentary parties are. It is yet clear that this parliamentary majority must be formed and it should continue to support the pro-European government program,” he stated.

Asked by the journalists if a new Cabinet will be installed after the government coalition is re-formed, Marian Lupu said the formation of a majority parliamentary coalition does not imply the replacement of the Government every six months.