Andrei Stoicu: Premier Gaburici could be sacrificed

Prime Minister Chiril Gaburici could be sacrificed, with Speaker Andrian Candu being ready to become the hero that will remedy the situation, European consultant Andrei Stoicu said in the talk show “European horizon” on TVR Moldova channel, IPN reports.

Stoicu considers the ultimatum-letter of Gaburici could be the result of a political game of the power from Chisinau. “Initially, Gaburici enjoyed political support and accepted the post of Prime Minister. But new tensions appeared in society and oligarchs’ plans didn’t work. Those from the PLDM and PDM were put in the situation to find somebody whom they could sacrifice. They also need a hero and chose Candu to play this role. Candu makes himself noticed by his views, was a successful businessman, is young and has political experience. He is being prepared in secret. Slightly over half a year ago, this hero was Iurie Leanca, who wasn’t ultimately accepted by some of the oligarchs. But the oligarchs also need a person whom to blame and it seems that they chose Gaburici for this role,” said the European consultant.

Andrei Stoicu stated that the Moldovan people realized a number of things and cannot be manipulated so easily now. “The Moldovans started to understand things even if the Moldovan political class borrowed some of the tactics of the Romanian politicians, who make effort to distract attention from important problems by echoing arrests,” he said.

Moldovan journalist Vitalie Calugareanu also considers that Prime Minister Gaburici will be made a scapegoat. “Chiril Gaburici supposedly signed a secret decision to allocate 6 billion lei to Banca de Economii and those from behind will profit from this. The Premier issued that ultimatum about the dismissal of managers of state institutions when he realized he walked into a trap,” he stated.