Chiril Gaburici leaves if chiefs of three state institutions are not dismissed

Prime Minister Chiril Gaburici asks for the support of the state and Parliament for dismissing the administration of the Prosecutor General’s Office, the National Bank of Moldova and the National Commission for Financial Markets. In an official letter to the President and Parliament, the Premier says he will tender his resignation if the persons managing the aforementioned institutions are not dismissed, IPN reports.

In the letter, published on his account on a social networking site, Chiril Gaburici says that in the meeting of the National Committee on Financial Stability, he ascertained that the whole financial system is under siege and a number of competent institutions hesitate to solve the existing problems.

The Premier also writes that he is confident in the country’s future and, in order to restore the functionality of these institutions, their managers must be discharged. Afterward, responsible and honest persons who are trusted by the people and who realize the seriousness of things must be named to these posts at a public contest, with the involvement of civil society and the development partners.

“I do not want to stay passively aside and look how groups of interests destroy the country. I negotiate with no one the welfare and future of the children,” said the Premier.

The letter also says that a month should be enough for dismissing the given persons and for initiating contests to choose new chiefs.