Artur Reshetnikov: PCRM insists on holding early elections

The Communist Party (PCRM) considers that the time that remained until the end of the current legislature’s term is lost as the government does not enjoy the population’s support and thus early parliamentary elections should be held, Communist MP Artur Reshetnikov said in the public debate “Priorities of the political class and Moldovan society in an electoral year. Position of the parliamentary parties” that was staged by IPN Agency.

“I understood that the election campaign already started unofficially in Moldova. It’s not right. We consider that the time until the beginning of the official campaign is lost and it’s better to hold the elections now. All their actions from political viewpoint are not legal and do not represent the people’s interests,” stated Artur Reshetnikov.

He considers that the promises made now by the ruling parties are the same as in 2009 and 2010. “Those economic promises turned out to be unachievable. For us the priorities remain unchanged, but we base out actions on the results achieved by the Liberal-Democratic government in the last few years. We aim to restore democracy and the rule of law. The promises made earlier haven’t been fulfilled and Moldova deviated from the rule of law principle. The Communists will struggle to stop the worsening of the socioeconomic situation,” stated the lawmaker.

He also said that the goal of the PCRM is to make sure that the results of the next elections are not questioned. “For us, for society, it is important to ensure conditions for free and fair elections so that no vote is bought. The coming closer to the EU and the free movement are the only accomplishments that will be disseminated in the election campaign. These are not achievements of the current government. They are results deriving from the geopolitical conjuncture. The Moldovans should have been allowed to travel freely in the EU long ago, when Moldova liberalized the visa regime for the EU,” said the Communist MP.

Referring to the situation in Ukraine, Artur Reshetnicov expressed his regret at the fact that it hasn’t improved. “There was an oligarchic government there. Such elements exist in Moldova too. The pressure exerted by the West in order to obtain the signing of the Association Agreement also had an influence. The situation in Ukraine is worrisome. We plead for stability and territorial integrity,” he added.

The debate “Priorities of the political class and Moldovan society in an electoral year. Position of the parliamentary parties” is the 27th of the series of debates “Development of political culture by public debates”. IPN Agency has staged these debates for the third year, with the support of the German foundation Hanns Seidel and in cooperation with Radio Moldova.

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