Appeal to ban by law early release from jail of criminals

The parents of Dan Osipciuc, who was shot dead in June 2018 at a swimming pool in Hancesti, called on the representatives of the authorities to amend the criminal legislation so that people convicted of murder serve their sentence in full. They demand that these defendants be deprived of the right to early release or amnesty. The appeal comes in the context in which the former head of the criminal police in Hancesti, who fired at their son, was released after serving only five years in prison out of the 12 and a half years to which he was sentenced by the court.

In a press conference hosted by IPN, the boy’s father Sergiu Osipciuc said that former policeman Ion Cojocaru served not even half of the sentence that was issued to him by the first court in June 2019 and maintained for over two years by the Chisinau Court of Appeals. Shocking was also the recent decision by the Supreme Court of Justice, which ordered the case to be retried by other judges of the Court of Appeals.

The parents say that the SCJ decision was shocking, but more shocking was when they found out that Ion Cojocaru was released in August 2023. The decision was taken by one and the same judge of inquiry after the former policeman complained in court about the detention conditions, about the fact that he had been in pre-trial detention longer than allowed and he then also asked for amnesty on the occasion of the 30th anniversary of Independence.

“We call upon the representatives of the authorities to consider the possibility of amending the legislation, namely the Criminal Code and the Criminal Procedure Code, so that the persons who committed murder fully serve their sentences. We demand that they be deprived of the right to benefit from amnesty and parole. The punishment in such cases must be served completely, according to the court’s decision. Our opinion is that the person’s life cannot be returned. It’s an irrecoverable process. It’s not an economic violation which the offender compensated for. The life of the killed person cannot be restored. We hope that we will be heard by representatives of the judiciary and legislative authorities,” said Sergiu Osipciuc.

The boy’s mother Natalia Osipciuc said she was exasperated at the fact that the former policeman, who didn’t admit his guilt and said that he was unjustly detained, was released. “I cannot understand how such a man can be left at large. It’s very hard for me, but we have to live with this. My husband and I are no longer live. We only survive. Our son knew four languages – Romanian, Russian, English, French. He was a student, footballer, athlete, musician. I see that our Moldova doesn’t need such people. Why is our justice on the side of killers?” said the woman.

As for the second defendant, the owner of the recreation center Amir Rabi, the first court found him guilty of using the weapon in a public place. He passed the statute of limitations and was released. At the Court of Appeals, Amir Rabi was found guilty of instigating murder and exceeding his official duties, being sentenced to five years behind bars. But he had already fled the country and is currently in Romania. The SCJ released him from criminal responsibility.

Note: IPN Agency offers the right of reply to persons who consider themselves targeted in the news made from the statements of the organizers of this press conference, including by facilitating the organization of another press conference under similar conditions.

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