“Antimafie” seeks investigation into actions of Leanca and Gaburici Governments

The People’s Movement “Antimafie” will submit an application to the Prosecutor General’s Office (PGO) by which it will demand to order an investigation into the actions related to the provision of state grantees taken by the Governments headed by Iurie Leanca and Chiril Gaburici, which led to the ‘theft of the billion’.

“I have two pieces of news, a bad one and a very bad one. Nowhere in the world is the theft of the billion investigated. The very bad news is that this theft is not investigated in the Republic of Moldova either. The theft left the frail state institutions in a worse state and created exorbitant budgets for the mass media of the mafia, which are engaged in the distorting of the public opinion about the theft of the stolen billion. The media sphere is full of news articles about the theft of the billion, not yet about the investigation,” Sergiu Mocanu said in a news conference at IPN.

The politician noted that by the end of this week he will make approaches to the PGO so as to try and ensure some coherence in the investigation into the theft of money from the people’s pockets. “The burden of repaying the stolen billion was put on the people by two acts signed by the Leanca Government in November 2014 and then by the actions of the Gaburici Government in March 2015,” said the leader of “Antimafie”.

The Movement will demand that the acting prosecutor general should start an inquiry into the complicity of decision makers in particular actions related to the theft of the billion and the provision of state guarantees. “There are signals of traffic of influence. If there was an inquiry, we would know how the members of the Government were made to vote, how much they were paid,” stated Sergiu Mocanu.

The PGO will be asked to answer two questions – If there are criminal elements in the actions of the Leanca and Gaburi Governments? If there are no such elements, to explain why; and If traffic of influence was made in this case, if there are such elements? “When I go to the Prosecutor General’s Office, I will also go to the EU Delegation and the U.S. Embassy in Chisinau,” said the politician.

According to the leader of “Antimafie”, if there was a media project supported with foreign funds, coherence in what is going on could be ensured because the press in Moldova is involved in the struggles between clans consciously or unconsciously.

Sergiu Mocanu also said that by this approach and by pressure exerted from outside, he will try to make Parliament to adopt a budget for a group of prosecutors who would deal with this investigation. He will also make effort to attract external support for creating a media outlet that would correctly report on the investigation into the theft of the billion.

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