Andrian Candu confirms Vladimir Plahotniuc is in the U.S.

Democratic MP Andrian Candu, former Parliament Speaker, confirmed that the ex-leader of the Democratic Party Vladimir Plahotniuc is in the United States. He said the statement made by the U.S. Secretary of State Michael Pompeo, as to the ineligibility of the former Democratic leader for visas to the U.S., does not directly affect Plahotniuc as this is already there, IPN reports.

Andrian Candu said Michael Pompeo’s statement is political in character and does not have legal effects on the stay in the United States. “It has effects if you want to enter, but he is already there. It does not have effects on issues related to property, family, security. So, it is rather a political statement made in response to the multiple requests of the then Government of Maia Sandu or of decision makers,” the ex-Speaker stated in the talk show “Emphasis on today” produced by TVR Moldova channel.

On January 13, U.S. Secretary of State Michael Pompeo announced that the former Moldovan official Vladimir Plahotniuc was designated publicly due to involvement in significant corruption and is ineligible for visas to the United States. His wife Oxana Childescu, his son Timofei Plahotniuc and his minor child were also designated.

In another development, Andrian Candu said neither the Moldovan political class not the country on the whole need snap parliamentary elections. “In 2019, we had local elections and parliamentary elections and that’s enough. I think the current legislative body has the capacity and maturity to complete its duties.”

He also said that Parliament cannot be dissolved six months before the presidential elections. “If you want to dissolve Parliament, you can do it by June 1. To dissolve Parliament by June 1, you must have reasons. A possibility is that the current Government will be removed and another one will not be elected during three months. This means the current Government must be removed by March 1. I exclude such a scenario as I do not see political leaders who will dare to follow such a path,” explained Andrian Candu.

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