Andrei Nastase: Whole protest movement is being attacked

Andrei Nastase, the head of the Great National Assembly Council, informs the international institutions and the law enforcement agencies of Moldova about the media lynching committed by the propagandistic units of oligarch Vladimir Plahotniuc, intensified before the protest scheduled for April 24. In a notification issued also to the mass media, he says that the whole protest movement is being attacked, in particular he himself, IPN reports.

In the notification sent to the Security and Intelligence Service, the Prosecutor’s Office, the Ministry of the Interior, the EU Delegation and a number of embassies, Andrei Nastase says a false blog that does not belong to him was created and this contains calls for violence and terror, as if made by him. “I draw attention to the fact that the blog was created on the domain “.md”, which means that the author can be easily identified, but my own investigations show that this website is hosted by a server in the U.S.” said Andrei Nastase.

He also considers that the given website is terrorist in essence and should be treated as such, given the messages placed on it and their connotations and significance, in the context of the peaceful protests initiated by civil society. “I ask the prosecution and investigation bodies to bring to an end this attack on me and on the hundreds of thousands of protesters who are misled and manipulated by individuals who I suppose are guided from behind by persons close to oligarch Plahotniuc Vladimir,” says the activist.

Andrei Nastase notes that the goal of these criminal acts is to discredit him and to offer Vladimir Plahotniuc, who controls the police, the possibility of using violence against him and the protesters. The text published on the blog makes reference to the Romanian Television so as to engage Romania in the political and social events taking place in Moldova, as it was done during the April 7, 2009 events.

The politician also says that his request is based on the provisions of the Penal Procedure Code given that the actions taken through this website can represent elements of an offense, such as a ‘terrorist act’ , ‘instigation for terrorist purposes or public justification of terrorism’ and ‘public disorder’.

Andrei Nastase, who is also the chairman of the Political Party “Platform Dignity and Truth”, said the event planned for April 24 will be peaceful and effort will be made to prevent the infiltration of instigators in the crowd. The protesters will seek the resignation of the government and holding of early elections simultaneously with the presidential ones.

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