Andrei Năstase: What matters is not the formalization of a coalition, but concrete projects

After a day when he disappeared from the public space, the leader of the PPPDA, Andrei Năstase, held this morning, November 5, a press conference in which he wished the elected mayor, Ion Ceban, to strictly comply with the electoral program he had made public and assured him that the ACUM bloc local elected representatives will support any proposed project that would benefit all Chisinau residents. "Not the formalization of a coalition is important, but projects and concrete measures that bring added value to the lives of the inhabitants of the capital," said Andrei Năstase. The PPPDA chairman has stated that he will return to the Ministry of Internal Affairs, IPN reports.

Andrei Nastase, for whom in the second round of elections in Chisinau 47.61% of the voters cast their ballots, said that he accepted this result, "which must be looked at in its complexity - from delays in taking drastic measures to reform the audiovisual and the legal system, and the inherent errors of the governing process, to the boycott of the election by some electoral segments”. "We must also talk about the huge difference in financial resources, and especially the media resources available to each electoral contender. The result is also a signal coming from the people, who are waiting for the new government and for us, those in the ACUM bloc, to intensify the fight for reinstating democracy and the rule of law. As a political leader, I realized through this ballot that some citizens felt that we were not moving fast enough and that we had made too many compromises”, mentioned the PPPDA leader.

Andrei Năstase gave assurances that "The DA platform and the ACUM bloc will not divert from the process of profound reformation of our society, of rehabilitation of the justice and prosecution reform, of transforming all institutions into entities that work for the good of the people, in the spirit of European values on which the governance program is based”. The PPPDA chair, along with his colleagues, has undertaken to make a rational analysis of the state of affairs and to promote an internal reform that will optimize the mechanisms of strategic planning, organization coordination, communication and interaction with citizens and territorial adherents.

"I would like to thank my colleagues once again for being involved in the process of building genuine democracy in the Republic of Moldova. It is a long-term struggle and it will take time”, said Andrei Năstase.

In the second round of the local elections in Chisinau (November 3), for Ion Ceban voted 123 807 Chisinau dwellers, while for Andrei Năstase - 112,513 voters.

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