Andrei Năstase: What has happened is a coup d'état

Dignity and Truth Party (PDA) leader Andrei Năstase says he regrets the fact that the declaration adopted by Parliament, in June, denouncing the captivity of the state has not been used to cleanse state institutions.

The politician said that the Audiovisual Council, the Competition Council and other institutions, serve as examples. “My regret is that I did not step in at the Competition Council and other regulatory bodies with surgical measures based on Parliament’s resolution on captivity. I did not step in with the same scalpel at the Justice Department, or at the Prosecutor's Office because I did not have sufficient support in this majority,” stated Andrei Năstase at the talk-show “Cutia neagră” on TV8.

According to Andrei Nastase, what happened recently is nothing short of a coup d'état, given how quickly the Sandu Government was dismissed and a new Cabinet was appointed, given the people on that Cabinet, and given the violation of certain procedures. “I have made a statement and I entirely stand by it. That is what I believe has happened at the moment”, stated Andrei Năstase.

The PDA leader considers that the current Government is not technocratic, as President Igor Dodon calls it, because it consists of people who were in close proximity to the President. “Chicu is a mere opportunist, who has no idea what he is talking about when he advises Dodon, because from my sources, all this time he has been advising the President to dismiss the Government that unfroze external financing, initiated reform processes, dismantling schemes within the national economy, smuggling schemes”, stated Andrei Năstase. The politician believes that the current executive will use the draft budget law developed by the former cabinet.

On Thursday, Parliament voted in the cabinet headed by Ion Chicu. The new government was supported by the vote of 62 deputies from the Socialist Party and the Democratic Party, as ACUM bloc MPs staged a walkout.

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