Andrei Năstase to run in this year’s presidential elections

The leader of the Party “Dignity and Truth Platform” Andrei Năstase announced his intention to run for President in this autumn’s presidential elections after the meeting of the party’s National Political Council held on March 1, IPN reports.

“The Platform Dignity and Truth decided today to officially start the political struggle to finally neutralize the one who, by his actions and approaches, keeps the Republic of Moldova at the periphery of the European Union and refuses to allow our society to be emancipated and democratized. This way, the National Political Council unanimously decided to designate Mister Andrei Năstase, the president of the Party “Dignity and Truth Platform”, as a candidate for office of President of the Republic of Moldova for this autumn’s elections,” the party’s secretary general Ion Terguță read the Council’s statement.

Andrei Năstase said that he today accepted huge responsibility. “During the several months that remained until that ballot, we must make the most serious efforts to achieve what we aim. The recovery of the presidency of the Republic of Moldova is just a means by which we aim to achieve our supreme objectives – to improve the quality of people’s lives, to eradicate corruption, to ensure justice for everyone, freedom, the rule of law, an independence justice sector, reunified families here, at home, and the European integration of the Republic of Moldova,” he noted.

The politician stated that the Republic of Moldova needs a new political class. “We can no longer wait for 30 years to decide that we should be those who rule the country, not others, supported by external forces. Moldova needs a President who would be a model of conduct and balance, a factor that would catalyze all the actions of the state to ensure development, economic welfare and social peace,” added Andrei Năstase.

PPPPDA vice president Alexandru Slusari said their party was founded on the street and entered politics by promoting the idea of unity. The same approach was applied in the case of the presidential elections and effort was made to identify a common, nonparty candidate. “But this idea, this desideratum was treated like weakness. Given the political reality and the ascertained dose of selfishness, the PPPDA decided to take part in this not at all easy struggle so as to win,” stated the MP.

Another vice president of the party, MP Igor Muntean said Andrei Năstase is the candidate who can unite. The presidency should not be left in the hands of those who captured it and the parties should cooperate for this candidate to win the upcoming presidential elections.

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