Andrei Năstase says what PPPDA will do if a common candidate for President is not identified

If a common nonparty candidate of the forces of the right for this year’s presidential elections is not identified, the Party “Dignity and Truth Platform” will field its own candidate for President, the party’s chairman Andrei Năstase was quoted by IPN as saying in the talk show “Moldova live” on the public TV channel Moldova 1. He refused to say if this candidate will be he, noting the decision will be taken within the party by common consent, IPN reports.

According to Andrei Năstase, President Igor Dodon is now very powerful from political viewpoint. “He has wagons of money, foreign interests behind him and will do his best to win the second term in office,” he stated, adding that the parties of the right should extend the front. “I no longer want a repeat of the situation of 2016. We should combine forces. If a common, nonparty candidate is not identified, the DA Platform will field its own candidate who will definitively seek the support of the unionists, statehood supporters and pro-Europeans,” stated Andrei Năstase.

He noted that if he had run in the presidential elections of 2016, when the common candidate of the ACUM Bloc was the president of the Acton and Solidarity Party Maia Sandu, the result would have been probably different. “I do not speak about our parties here. I speak about myself, about Maia Sandu, about Moldova. Our country missed a huge chance of saving itself from Plahotniuc and from Dodon in 2016. The processes were put off for four years,” said Andrei Năstase.

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