Andrei Năstase says he could run for President

The leader of the Party “Dignity and Truth Platform” (PPPDA) Andrei Năstase does not rule out the possibility of running in this year’s presidential elections. He did not yet say he will definitely run, IPN reports.

Also, Andrei Năstase noted the parties of the right should join forces and field a common candidate for President. The PPPDA continues to insist on a common apolitical candidate.

The politician said the PPPDA does not think only about itself when it expresses its readiness to support a candidate of everyone whose fielding will not politically affect the PPPDA, the Action and Solidarity Party, the National Unity Party or the Liberal Party. “If a compromise is not reached, a decision will be taken by our party’s superior bodies,” the politician stated in the talk show “Emphasis on today” on TVR Moldova channel.

Andrei Năstase said that President Igor Dodon, who he considers will indubitably run for a new term in office, poses a threat to Moldova and to the whole region.

“Igor Dodon has wagons of money, has TV channels and many so-called journalists whom he pays to support him, bloggers. The whole herd of trolls that belonged to Vladimir Plahotniuc passed to Dodon. So, we understand how dangerous he is and how hard it will be to win against Dodon by our own forces. He is a danger not only to the Republic of Moldova, but also to the whole region. In front of this danger, can we all realize that unity is needed?” wondered the politician.

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