Andrei Năstase: PPPDA insisted on unity of pro-European forces

The leader of the Party “Dignity and Truth Platform” Andrei Năstase said the party he leads was the one that insisted on the unity of the pro-European forces in the parliamentary elections of February 2019. “We were those who, to the detriment of the Platform and the people from the Platform, pleaded for unity as we considered that the unity of the democratic forces is the key to our success. Regrettably, we didn’t see a similar approach on the part of fellows,” the politician said in a video interview for IPN News Agency of the series “Crossroads of years through the angle of the ideal of living well at home”.

According to Andrei Năstase, the party he manages suffered because of this position. “The PPPDA entered Parliament with eight seats of the 26 held by the ACUM Bloc as it had to make a compromise. Or the unity would have been destroyed. We said that the public, national interest, the interest of the whole society is above the personal, party interest. We did our best to have more persons who would plead for justice and a better life in Moldova’s Parliament,” he stated.

Andrei Năstase noted that with 26 seats of MP, the ACUM Bloc managed to invest a pro-European, reformist government. ”It was a Government that served the interests of the people and was never against them, where the minister of foreign affairs didn’t represent the Socialists and where nothing else than the European integration prevailed,” he stated, noting the snap elections with unpredictable results were the alternative to the formation of a parliament majority with the Socialists.

The politician said the PPPDA proposed solutions for avoiding the fall of the Government led by Maia Sandu, including to put off the contest to choose a candidate for prosecutor general. “But someone wanted this Government to fail. The PDM wanted this and the PSRM also wanted this. What should we have done then? Struggle till the end. This is the DA Platform and this is what we will do from now on,” stated Andrei Năstase.

He also said that he didn’t want the parliamentary majority formed with the PSRM to be based on exact deadlines and party agreements, but wanted the justice sector reform and the prosecution service reform to be done and more social problems faced by the people to be solved. “We wanted justice to be done to the people and better living conditions to be created for them. Regrettably, the efforts were interrupted at a certain moment. We started a lot of good things at the Ministry of the Interior, for example, which now produce results. Those reforms and initiatives could have continued, but an end came.”

The interview “PPPDA president Andrei Năstase’s view about the state of affairs in Moldovan society at the intersection of years” forms part of the series “Crossroads of years through the angle of the ideal of living well at home” that will involve President Igor Dodon and Prime Minister Ion Chicu and the leaders of the main parliamentary parties Pavel Filip and Maia Sandu.

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